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  1. IGN: c_h_i Age: 13 Timezone: Central Timezone About You: I'm an ok person, and I'm mostly laid back, unless someone offends me or another. Why you want to join: I hate sp, and I want a good, friendly server to play on. What are you good at in this modpack: Thermal Expansions, Tinkers, Archimedes, BOP, and Galacticraft. How often will you be on: About 5 days a week, or the time I'm not playing CS:GO.
  2. IGN : c_h_i Skype : davey.bowen Age : 13 Why you want to join : I play CS:GO, but I've been getting bored of it. I know you personally, but you started hating me, and I don't know why. This is HMRHD, and I'd like to come on the server and make up the ruined relationship. I am excited to get working with thermal expansions, and tinkercraft. I hope you will let me on. Experience in the Attack of the B Team mod pack : I know you, and you have guided me through the basics of AOTB, I know most things about the modpack, but I'm looking to learn more.
  3. The IP is unknown atm, because he said he would tell you more by today. Therefore, he should tell us more today; I'm ready to get the bteam groove on!
  4. Message; I am with iPwnKatkat's group. IGN: HMRHD Skype: davey.bowen Why you want to join: I am a new bteamer, and really enjoy the mod. My friend had a bteam server, but it stopped; i am really looking forwards to this. What you plan on doing: Tinkers, building, exploring, mining, and all the mods. How often you play: About 2-3 hours a day. Age: 12 (Im mature) Extra comments: I really look forward to playing on this server with my friends, making new ones, and helping with the all around server. Gender: Male
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