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  1. So, I was playing on a whitelist server for Attack Of the B-Team and I was exploring when suddenly, the server decided to crash. I logged back on and then all I saw was black and then the server crashed again, whenever I logged back on, the server would crash but all the other players could play completely fine. After that, I asked to owner to delete my player.dat file and he did, I am back on now but for some reason, when I stand on some of the blocks that I have previously placed before my player.dat file was deleted, I lag off of it. Also, I can't destroy or place on some of the blocks either... For example,I cannot stand on or break the stone coffee table from the furniture mod. If I stand on it, I lag of it, or, if I try to destroy it, the block appears again! And the other players can stand on or break the block that I cannot just fine! 


    Is there anyway to fix this, sorry for making this hard to understand too!

  2. 1. In Game Name: XxSaRobz09xX

    2. Age: 19

    3. Experience with AOTBT: I started playing a few months ago, before that, I played FTB for about a year so I know quite a little bit about some mods, the mod that I want to focus on the most if I get onto the server is Witchery! So watch out for me :)

    4. Skype Name: I use Skype for business but if Skype is really essential for this server, I might make a separate account!

    5. Personality: I can be quite friendly and helpful in the chat for the server! I love to help people out and learn from others!

    6. Good at Building?: I'm a decent builder, it depends on what I am building, I tend to be better at building big builds instead of small ones!

    7. Why should you be accepted?: I have been looking for a good server for months now and after reading the rules and everything on this topic, I feel that this server is very friendly and could be a good server to be on!


    8. Anything you would like to share about yourself(Optional): I live in the UK, I am mostly on for 4-5 hours a day or sometimes all day, depends on what day it is due to work...


    9. Favorite mod in the pack: Witchery or Thermal Expansion. I also like Tinkers Construct. It is hard to decide.


    10. Would you be interested in donating to help the server stay afloat(decision will not affect whitelist): Depends how much I like the server!

    I, XxSaRobz09xX, have read the rules and have accepted them with pride and honor.

  3. i think we should set up some rules, and Im posting them here so u guys can discuss which ones we want to use

    here they come:

    12 whitelisted players MAX, the reason for this is so that we can personally know everyone on the server, the more people, the more anonymous each person gets.


    no raiding/griefing other people's houses, by this i mean stealing other people's chests, exploding other ppl's bases. this is to ensure that we are all equal and fair. this leads me to my next point


    no secret bases. this server aims to be a server where a friendly group of friends play together. so what if they take ur taglock, these are just minor pranks


    battles must be arranged and must be known by both sides, to ensure fairness when pvp is happening


    pranks are ALLOWED, what classifies as a prank is something that is shocking and can be funny to the person who was pranked,



    So those are my rules, i hope everyone on the server can agree on some of theses rules

    i hope joeboiii sees this



    I disagree when you say no secret bases,  since the owner even has one :/

  4. Minecraft username: XxSaRobz09xX
    Age (be honest - there's no shame): 19
    Where did you find out about this server? On the Technic Attack of the B-Team forums in the server section
    Why do you wish to join this server? Because it is a trusted community which I like because on the non whitelist server I always get griefed somehow.
    Do you have any prior knowledge of the B-Team Modpack? Yep
    What do you hope to try out / achieve on the server? Be the richest and most evil person on the server!
    Cake or Death? Cake xD

  5. Minecraft username: XxSaRobz09xx
    Where you found this server? On the Technic Forums Server section
    Why you want to be on this sever? Because it looks like a fun and fair server to play on and also, in the title it says "Great community" which is why I want to join the server!
    What are you planning on doing on the server? I want to get into the Witchery mod because I love to do little pranks so watch out for me!
    Your favourite colour? Blue!

  6. IGN:


    Why you should be accepted?:

    I am looking for a fun server to go on that is whitelisted because normally on the non whitelist servers my base gets griefed. Also, I would like to go on this server because the rules look fair to me!

    What mod do you plan to focus on?:

    I have played around with most of the mods in this modpack but the only mod that I am really clueless about is Witchery, which is the mod that I want to learn really badly, I might watch a few Youtube videos later on to learn about Witchery!

    What do you like to do in Minecraft/AOTB (ex. Build, Explore, etc.):

    I love to build with the carpenters blocks mod and the microblocks because they look really good together, and there are so many possibilites that you can do with the microblocks! Also, with the carpenters blocks mod, i love how you can use the hammer to make the blocks bumpy!


    Thanks for reading my application! I hope you are going to read and accept me!

    Sorry for having a long application, I just like to maximise the chances of me getting accepted!

  7. Name: Robbie

    Age: 19

    In-Game name: XxSaRobz09xX

    How much do you know about the Modpack: I used to play FTB before this so I know a little bit about the mods, the only mod that I am clueless about is Witchery, which I will try to get in at some point

    Why should i pick you: I would love to come on this server because it is small and the rules are fair, I am looking for a good community type of server to play on and this server looks fun.

    Are you a Adventure/Builder/Crafter: I am all of them, mostly, I am a crafter but to craft things I normally have to go on an adventure to find the crafting items and I also love to build xD

  8. IGN: XxSaRobz09xX
    Age: 19
    Time Zone: GMT
    Have you ever been banned from a server?: Nope
    How long have you played Minecraft?: Around 2 years I think, I started playing when the 1.8 Adventure Update came out!
    Any additional information you'd like to add: I am just looking for a fun mature whitelist server to play on! I can be on for around 4 hours a day! I am still learning Attack of the B-Team so sorry if I can be a little bit of a pain when it comes to Witchery! I used to play FTB before this anyway so I am quite familiar with most of the mods!

  9. Age; 19

    Favorite Mod; It's hard to decide between Tinkers Construct and Thermal Expansion!

    Reason for joining; Looking for a good server to play on that is more community friendly, my last server I used to play on, it was not really good, there was too much griefing and stealing going on when the title said "No Grief".

    By applying for the Whitelist you agree to abide by the rules set on the server. Do you understand this? : Yep, read them carefully.

    If you could have one thing added to a server what would it be? A guide for starting off on mods.

    My IGN is XxSaRobz09xX


    Note for joining the server - If I get in, I really want to work "alone" not with some other people, only saying this because people on my past servers decide to move in without my permission, which gets me annoyed.

  10. IGN: XxSaRobz09xX

    Why should i pick you? : I love to play Modded Minecraft with a small group of players, like on this server, the rules are pretty fair and I would love to play. I also play for 4-5 hours a day so I am a daily player.

    Are you a good builder? : I'm would rate myself 6/10.  When I build something, if it looks bad, I will always continue it until it looks nice and how I like it. 

    Have you ever got banned from another server before? : Nope.

    How old are you? : 19

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