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  1. thanks.  i definitely don't like the raiding aspect there.  i was showing my home and accepted a tpa from what i thought was the one i was showing it to.  it was oferman that had /tpa'd me.  oferman, after i said "ask before taking," took a stack of coal dust and some more things.  i went to attack and the person i was showing it to killed me because of oferman being their friend.  after i said oferman stole from me he became an enemy of that person, and then oferman brought 2 others in to raid my home.  let me know when the non-pvp server is up, please.  also, i am fluent in redstone logic gates.  {insert :techno: on the subject of redstone logic gates here}  *vanishes* :kakashi:

    Yeah its definitely a good idea to protect you, your stuff, and your home using towny on the PVP. At the moment.. The non-grief server is currently up and running, there may be small periods of downtime here and there while im updating or changing things, but I think its mostly runnable at the moment :D Feel free to give it a try. 


    Server information is in the forum at the enjin site. http://fbitekkit.enjin.com

  2. this is a very good server, and i like the helpful staff on it(even though that staff is only one person[thanks for being so nice, snipe]).  it deserves a bump.



    LOL thanks Arceus. We do have a couple admins at this time. And we are looking for more staff.


    Our Enjin page is now http://fbitekkit.enjin.com/ Still working on the shop, hopefully i'll have all the commands and whatnot in soon. Glad your liking the server, can't wait to see how much everyone likes it as it gets fully up and running :)

  3. oh and i can make a website for the server ill just need a plugin installed and i can set up ranking systems through the website so users can register on website and get member rank


    my skype is : thrillrider78


    just send a message to let me know if you want me to and stuff and if im an operator or not, and do operators get /op if not that doesnt matter as ill just tell you to put commands in if needed...

    You mean setting up a Enjin webpage?

  4. Sorry for the Delay on everything... Working 6 days a week plus doing side jobs trying to make sure i make enough cash to keep the bills paid so... trying to work as much as possible on the physical server and get it to a runnable position as well as trying to get the software right and setup. Will probably be taking on applications real soon for more people to help run things while i can't be on so that progress can be boosted quite a bit.

  5. item "laser" is banned, the one for assembly table. I need it to make circuits and gates. Can it be unbanned? it confiscated 6 of those that I made. 12 diamonds etc.

    this is news to me, because i haven't banned anything other then dimensional doors. I'll look into this immediately


    - All items have been unbanned, at least for now.

  6. The goal is to get a fully functional fun server going that people will enjoy for a long time to come. Could definitely use some experienced help, but for now some people to play and give feedback would be just as helpful so i can iron out what bugs are left. Is not and will not be whitelisted. Once all settings are finalized and everything is working properly then map will be deleted so that everyone can start fresh together. 
    Server IP:
    Currently 50 slots
    Current goal is 99.9% uptime (minus upgrade/reboot times)
    Adult Owned/Operated
    Based in Burien, WA
    -No PVP/Griefing at Spawn(s)
    -No Cheating/Hacks/Duping
    -Do as requested by Owner/Operators/Admins
    -Be Friendly/Good Sportsmanship
    -Have fun
    -No Whining
    -Do not ask for ranks
    -Do not try to violate spawn
    ---English Only in Main Chat---
    Plugin list
    Vote Rewards
    5 Diamonds, 500 Money
    Disabled Mods (for stability)
    Chicken Chunks
    Dimensional Doors
    (owner) = fbi_snipe
    (Don 3) Chief Agent 
    (Don 2) Executive Agent 
    (Don 1) Special Agent 
    (4) Senior Agent 
    (3) Agent 
    (2) Junior Agent 
    (1) Trial Agent (first hour)
    -=-=Currently in search of admins and operators to help build up and run the server=-=- 
    More information on how to apply will be posted later when I can get a few free moments.
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