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    SantaWasTaken got a reaction from FrickinPOPE in Whitelisted Attack of the B-Team server [1.0.12a][18+][GriefPrevention]   
    IGN:    SantaWasTaken
    Age:   21
    Skype:   Reptar.Is.Awesome   no camera but have a mic.
    In game skills:    Getting better at the Mod.
    YouTube(if you have one): Not yet
    Why you feel you should be accepted:  I'm looking for a friendly server with not too many people on it at once and a good enviroment
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    SantaWasTaken got a reaction from CYKJosh in Looking for players to help me start a survival server   
    write your skype name : (      Reptar.Is.Awesome         )
    in game name : (      SantaWasTaken               )
    age: from 13 to 19 (         18      )
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