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  1. Hello fellow Minecrafters! We’re a small group of 8 people, who have been playing modded minecraft with eachother and others for a long time now. We’ve recently started building our own modpack, which is running great thusfar. That being said, we’re still in the alpha-testing version of the pack. For this reason, we need people to join us, to see how the pack handles with more people! But mainly just to have more people to play with of course! The server is up and running 24/7 and is hosted by a third party. The rules for the forum are as to be expected: No grieving, no unwanted PvP, pranking allowed. There are no plugins and there absolutely no plans for plugins either. We want to give people all the freedom they want and trust them to use that wisely. For this reason (past experiences have made this clear) we’ll only accept people with age 20+. The group of people we play with are very diverse. We usually stay together at the start, get somewhat of a spawn town set-up, and then scatter once we have set the first steps into the big wide minecraft world. But of course we want to get to know you a little as well before joining is: Your age: Country: Reason we should pick you: The way you like to play: Favourite mods: Feel free to include more about yourself to make your application stand out! If you get accepted, we’ll pm you and whitelist you right away. The modlist is as follows:
  2. IGN:. RevestJoris First Name: Well.. even though you don't want to call me Revest.. or Joris.. or RevestJoris, my first name still is Joris Skype: JorisRevest (This really shows off my creativity doesn't it) Age: 25 and still counting Most importantly write a paragraph about what you want to do or would enjoy doing on the server or in AotBT: I was another server, which was getting boring fairly quickly, because i was on a lot.. but other people weren't. It felt like single player most of the time, with the 'down'-sides of multiplayer (lag, server resets, etc.). I love to just enjoy playing minecraft with other people. Showing off cheeses. Getting amazed by other peoples cheeses, but most of all, cheese things with other people. Nah, all kiddin' aside, I would love a busy spawn town, lots of shops and crazyness and a helpful community.
  3. IGN - RevestJoris Age - 25 What makes you want to join this server - I'm just looking for a nice server to hang out, play some minecraft and just enjoy myself when i have some free time. I just love all the goofy stuff in this modpack. I've never played on a multiplayer server before and single player is kind of boring for me now. All that and because i'm from the Netherlands, so my ping would be quite nice on this server i guess What could you bring to the server? I'll be a active player, would love to do some community builds or adventures. I'm not really that familiar with all the mods, expect for some bdoubleo / generikb / etc youtube clips. Have tried the modpack before, but my old computer just couldn't handle it. But now that i have a new one, i can't wait to join a server and get some modded minecraft going! Skype - I'll tell when (or if) accepted
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