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  1. Now tell me a little bit about you: I am a very friendly person. I am currently attending a music school in Croatia!. I really love to help out those in need. Age: (If younger than 20 please explain your personality type.) I am 15 years old. I am a optimist/realist (If that makes any sence) I really love small communities with a lot of friendly people who are willing to help each other. I was raised not to hate, not to discriminate anyone because of their race/gender/age or anything else. Experience: (Like I said before, not very important.) I played FTB quite a bit in 2013. I stopped
  2. Age: 15. I believe that i am quite mature for my age. I was raised to be polite, to be friendly I really love whitelisted servers because it is a great place to find a small happy community with a lot of good people:D Experience: I played FTB quite a lot last year. I now played Attack of the B team for about 3-4 hours and i think i got the hang of it. It's very similar to FTB. How often you'll be playing: Pretty much every day since it's summer Where you are from: I am from Croatia, Europe Skype: barici2 IGN: MrLowie321
  3. Age:15 IGN:MrLowie321 Skype:barici2 Youtube Channel (If you have one):Surlix how often will you play on the server? I'll play pretty much every day. It's summer so i got time for everything! are you willing to play fair? I am all about fair. I love friendly servers where everybody is helping each other.
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