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  1. I need help, i was messing with my hats because i was personalizing it and somehow it set it to be my left click on my mouse and i changed it somehow for it to not be their and now i cant access my hats at all. Also before i could see the name of a block by just looking at it and now it docent show up anymore. Right now is their like a way to reset all bteam or its controls or both?
  2. i need help i cant access my hat and i also cant see like when you look at a block and it tells you what it is i need help
  3. Minecraft In-Game name?Wormynator Age?16 What country do you live in?usa Do you have/use Skype? yes Do you have/use Teamspeak? yes but dont use it much Will you be streaming or Uploading to Youtube? nope If so, Channel/Stream Name? Do you enjoy building or just playing? i love both i like building more than playing though Acceptance of server rules? ive been trying to find a server like this so yes
  4. I'm 16 and my IGN is Wormynator and i just really want to join a server like yours because i love to build and its tough finding a server like yours that actually hasn't banned any items.
  5. IGN: Wormynator Age: 16 Location: U.S.A Modpack experience 1 to 10: Building part of AOTBT Building skills 1 to 10: 7 Why you?: I just want to play in a multiplayer server with other people and increase my building skils even more with micro blocks, carpenters, etc. Anything extra you want to add?: I dont grief, cheat, spam, or anything that a little trolling kid would do.
  6. IGN: Wormynator SKYPE: wormyisacoolguy AGE 16 Why you want to join the server: i just wanna have fun and build cool stuff. Also too meet new people
  7. AGE: 16 IGN: Wormynator MATURITY LEVEL: 8/10 SKYPE: Wormyisacoolguy WHY YOU WANT TO JOIN: I just want to play with some people and have fun like with Bdoubleo100 server.
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