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  1. Re: tekkit 3.00 SMP "I DEMAND THINGS FROM MODS AND SHIT POST EVERYWHERE" i dont please, ill just make another account. if you want me to post less please say so
  2. Re: tekkit 3.00 SMP im sorry it wasn't even my username, it was "monster of mc" when my username is mcmonster. please make me NORMAL other wise i might *blood all over the computer* so please i wont mess up, please give me another chance.
  3. Re: tekkit 3.00 SMP Fine than ill just make a new account, or u can just MAKE ME NORMAL yes im good at it i like the smiley and i dont get whats wrong what signing posts, i never saw a rule that said "NO SIGNING POSTS" so how could i have known? (there i am lerning a new smiley)
  4. Re: tekkit 3.00 SMP im sorry guys, i have a headache and am a little grumpy. sorry for pestering and i hope this has turned nobody against me. and yes that would be funny since this is my first thread. thx everyone (and if anyone want's to talk about the coming tekkit update please feal free) and ?jay could u make me a normal user
  5. Re: tekkit 3.00 SMP i just want to know ONE thing WHO CAHNGED MY ****ING PROFILE? and i guess im crazy (since when?). xD and could someone plz change it back? cuz if i do more posts no one will take me seriously. Thx
  6. Re: tekkit 3.00 SMP whateves u guys are sooooo complex, if you DONT WANT BETA TESTERS JUST SAY SO.
  7. Re: tekkit 3.00 SMP i was just offering KINDLY to beta test the new tekkit 3.00, if any staff wants beta testers please tell him/her that i would simply like to beta test! thanks
  8. Re: tekkit 3.00 SMP the thing is its like at 200 veiws and has been up for like 30 mins. also this was my first thread. xD
  9. Re: tekkit 3.00 SMP anyone got some info on beta testing tekkit 3.00 SMP?
  10. Re: tekkit 3.00 SMP First of all thx for fast reply guys ure AWESOME xD if there would be any type of beta SMP pack i would be glad to test and play. sooo... if u could contact the guy in charge of the SMP 3.00 tekkit and tell him someone would like to volunteer to beta test the tekkit 3.00 SMP pack, that would be great. thanks for your time guys... plz keep me up-to-date, ~The Monster Of Mc THANKS MOD EDIT: No, and no. So much no. There is no "Beta" testing. We aren't some fancy corporate software company. You don't get beta items for playtesting a beta. No. And no signing posts.
  11. there is a new dev. version of tekkit. its ver. 3.00 can anyone give me a link to the server files? cuz i cant seam to find one. thx, ~the monster of mc P.S. if anyone wants be to beta test SMP i would gladly do that.