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  1. I would like to disable the flans mod for a server, how do I turn off the flans mod for it? Thanks, MIles
  2. What happened to the server? T=it is no longer 1.6.4 Did you make your own modpack? -danger134
  3. Hi I am on a different computer, can you message me on this to send me the ip? Thanks- danger134
  4. Hi, my IGN is danger134, I am 13 and I love Attack of The B-Team. I have been looking for a small server for a while, and yours fits the bill. I have a skype, teamspeak, and a mic. Thank you for reading man!
  5. I would really like to see 1 and 2 in Attack of the B-Team. I would think it would be great for those who (like me) have always felt railroods are boring and kind of useless.
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