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  1. 1.IGN:



    2.Skype Name: If you don't have a Skype its not a big deal:



    3.Reason you would like to join my server:

    I would like to join your server because I have been searching the internet for a MindCrack like server. I also want to be in a server without being griefed or stolen from, I do like to have some fun so I think being allowed to prank people will be great ! I know all most everything about B-Team so I can help people out whenever needed to. I'ma talented builder so I can assist In building the spawn town. I will stick to the rules and not cause any havoc within the server.



    13 But Mature


    == Thanks For Reading ==

    = Bullet =

  2. Minecraft Name: 



    - Age: 

    13 But Mature


    - Skype: 

    Max Gallazzi


    - Why you want to join me: 

    I want to join you because I watch Chimney Swift etc and I would love to part of a small community ON AOTB like he his and here is my oppurtunity, I will follow the rules entertain the viewers on your Youtube and can bring a whole lot of knowledge on B-Team to you guys. I'm a good builder therefore I can assist in helping the world look attractive to the eye.


    - Youtube channel (I don't care how good your content is): 

    I currently don't have a Youtube channel but will have soon, I will be focusing on Call Of Duty, Minecraft, MMORPG's and Attack Of The B-Team.


    - How dedicated are you?: 

    I'm a dedicated person, I will work hard to achieve what I set out for, I will stick with the server no matter what and help you out when in need.


    - Why should you be picked?: 

    I should be picked because I will follow the rules , entertain you viewers on Youtube. I may be 13 but I am a mature and dedicated player.

    I can bring lots of knowledge and fun into the server.


    Thanks For Reading


    =- Bullet -=

  3. IGN:



    First Name :



    Skype :

    Max Gallazzi


    About you :

    I'm 13, a mature player who is a dedicated player who likes to have fun and mess around with friends, I have a good sense of humour and helpful.


    Why you want to join :

    I want to join because I want a group of 2-3 people having fun on a server and entertain other people on Youtube. I will help everyone out and can bring allot of knowledge about every mod on board. I can build infinite resource machines and sophisticated and efficient grinders and machines to make the gaming experience more easier. In addition to this I will follow the rules to not cause any chaos within the group. I'm also a chatty person so I will not make the Youtube videos boring and quiet.


    Comments? :

    I do not have a youtube channel atm but will be soon! 

    I hope I get Picked!


    Thanks For Reading 


    =- Bullet -=


    Name: Ratchet But you can call me RTB

    Age: 14

    In-Game name: BenBest1

    How much do you know about the Modpack: Well , I Have i been playing around of for 2 months , but i know most of the mods.

    Why should i pick you: Well , i Am really Active, i am Muture , I never got banned on any server Which means i don't break any rules

    Are you a Adventure/Builder/Crafter: Well Iam am a Crafter and Builder , Adventure? Not my best but i can do it


    I'l call you "rat":P jk ,hi

  5. Name:

    Max Gallazzi



    13 But mature


    In-Game name:



    How much do you know about the Modpack:

    Near enough all of it, a tiny bit on Witchery.


    Why should i pick you:

    You should pick me because I am I hard working dedicated person, I will not break any of the rules and help people out when needed to. 


    Are you a Adventure/Builder/Crafter:

    All 3, But mainly a builder. I love to build all the time I prefer to build old witchery orientated builds due to the ammount of detail you can put into the build to make them more attractive. 


    Thanks For Reading


    =- Bullet =-

  6. IGN:


    Skype (will contact you with this if your accepted):

    Max Gallazzi

    Do you accept the rules?:

    Yes, I will follow the rules to keep peace within the community.

    Age: 13 But mature and a serius player dedicated to doing good ona  server.

    Youtube: Do not have one, I would like to be a dedicated player allowed in.

    How active you will be:

    5-6 hours a day.

    Why should I pick you?:

    You should pick me because I will follow the rules and report members to staff if they dont , I'm a mature person who will help people out and not be annoying. I have played Attack of The B-Team since it was released so I have allot of knowledge on this mod in addition to this Im a helful person. 


    Thanks Fpr Reading

    =- Bullet -=

  7. Age- 13 But think I'm mature enough to join a server with 14+ yr olds on.


    IGN - xbulletx11


    Reason - I have been looking for a small friendly community to join for Attack Of The B-team for around 3 months now. I would love to join 'Naughty Ville' because of the ages of people which proves that no griefing or stealing will happen on this server. I will follow the rules and help members out when ever needed. I'm also talented at building therefore I could help with the spawn and future projects on the server. In addition I will be mature and not annoy any older members on the  server.


    Country/Timzone - Uk ( GMT )


    Skype - Max Gallazzi


    Thanks For Reading, Hope I'll get white-listed


    =- Bullet-=

  8. IGN:



    Why you should be accepted?:

    I should be accepted because I follow the rules, very helpful and have great knowledge on Attack Of The B-Team. Also I would like to be part of a small friendly community who just talk and chill out.


    What mod do you plan to focus on?:

    Mostly Thermal Expansion, Thinkers Construct And Maybe Witchery.


    What do you like to do in Minecraft/AOTB (ex. Build, Explore, etc.):

    I love to build, out of 10 i would give my self a 8 maybe 9. I build all the time and can help members with their own bases aswell. I love to explore searching for new places to build a base and to just know the whole map so I know where things are.


    Thanks For Reading



  9. Ign:




    13 But Mature

    Are you a good builder ? Yes! Around a 9/10 I love building. I prefer to build modern futuristic bases or witchery orientated buildings.

    If needed I will help build the spawn for you :D


    why i should choose you?

    You should choose me because I will follow the rules, help players out and have a great knowledge base on Attack Of he B-Team.. I also want a small friendly community to join, to enhance my experience no attack of the b-team.


    where do you live?



    Have you ever got banned before?

    No, I allways follow the rules.


    Fav. mod?

    Thermal Exspansion



    Thanks For Reading


  10. IGN:




    13 But Mature



    GMT (UK)


    About You:

    I'm max 13 years old, prefer modded minecraft to vanilla and I play national filed hockey for England :D


    Why you Want to Join:

    For a small fun community to have fun and explore all the mods that forge Attack Of The B-Team, I also want a lag free server where I will not be griefed or harassed by annoying people.


    What are you good at in this modpack: Building, Thermal Exspansion, Archaeology , Tinkers and Crapenters Blocks.


    How often will you be on: 4-5 Days a week maybe more if hockey practice isnt on.

    6-7 hour plays with a 1-2 hour break in between.

    • Name (No last name, please) : Max 
    • Username : xbulletx11
    • Skype (optional) : Lost my account but I have Teamspeak.
    • Age: 13 But Mature I will follow the rules, and not create any fuss on the server.
    • 2 reasons why do you like to play AOTBT : The main reason why I love "AOTB" is becasue of the ammount of items/mody yiu can do and enjoy playing about with. I love tinkers and Thermal Expansion due to the array of mechanisms and things to create to give you more loot in game.
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