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  1. The reason for the "Undefined offset: 1" error is due to the fact that the git command Solder is trying to execute through PHP is not returning what it is suppose to. I have code in development to rectify this issue and many others. I'd like to note that Windows is not supported, meaning that support is not guaranteed for Solder on the Windows operating system. I have decided not to pursue Windows compatibility testing until later down the road to save myself the stress of trying to fix so many bugs.

  2. I like the new launcher! It was very laggy running the "stable" version but updating to the beta seems to have fixed that, so I'm guessing you found and patched the issue there, good job :) Is there any possibility of getting your technic launcher (in my case Hexxit) server featured in the launcher? There could be some kind of way to buy a position or simply a good ol' votifier system for the most popular servers. I feel like this would be a win win for both the technic and the server community.


    Buying featured spots is still under debate. However our new sorting algorithm for modpacks now show trending modpacksas well as most popular, newest, and most updated.


    I am getting a JVM error whenever I try to launch Build 132 of the new Launcher.




    I am using Java 8, Update 25.


    I tried re-downloading it, downloading other builds, downloading the Windows executable (that doesn't do anything when I double-click it), and I even tried downloading it using other browsers.


    Please right-click, save-as. The file should be 35MB in size. Any smaller and the file did not download properly. Also you downloaded the jar file. (.jar) which is primarily for linux. There is an .exe file.


    Here is the direct link: http://jenkins.technicpack.net:8080/job/LauncherV3/lastStableBuild/artifact/target/launcher-4.0-132.exe

  3. Liking it so far, I have a few minor questions and concerns:


    Each pack now has a little tag that says "Solder enabled" if it uses solder, does this mean that solder is going to recieve an update soon or is it just a new interface change?


    Yes. Solder is under development. 


    Here is a demonstration of what I mean:


    I have clicked the button when I move my mouse away, the delay when it changes is not due to the gif, that is what I am talking about.

    The strange colored dots, however, is due to the gif.  Simple color compression.

    EDIT: Apparently the colored dots didn't show when I uploaded to gfycat.  I forgot to mention that the weird green lines in the corner are the FPS overlay from shadowplay.  They don't like it when a program doesn't update at a regular interval and kind of freak out.


    Has this been tested very extensively on Linux? The UI seems rather broken on my computer.

    This was with the stable Ubuntu OpenJDK 7, I'll try it again once I've installed the latest Oracle Java 8 which I've been meaning to get.


    Please join #platformbeta on SynIRC for bug reports/issues. We have been working on testing on Mac and Linux.

  4. 1) You can do this right now in the Mod Library, just click on the column header. Sorting by mod name in the modpack build selection will be fixed as well.


    2) This sounds like a cool idea. 


    3) This expands on the latter part of 1.


    Overall good ideas and feedback! Thanks!

  5. Hey guys, you are right. It is a design limit. As you can already tell the current site is barely functioning under the weight of all the modpacks it currently has. When the limit was set, we figured that would be enough modpacks while at the same time keeping the system healthy. We never anticipated the popularity of the system. When Platform v2.0 is released, We will debate increasing the limit to five modpacks. However, performance of the Platform comes first.

    Now on that note, We will not support issues or troubleshoot launcher reports if it is discovered that this method is used to add a pack to the launcher.

    We are considering paid hosted instances of Solder to ease the difficulty of setup from the end user. However since money is involved, nothing has been decided. We have already pulled our original plan for launcher ads.

  6. Okay here is what you do:

    • Next start the Java Preferences app from /Applications/Utilities
    • drag Java 7 to the top of the list like in the screenshot. This will make locally run Java applications use Java 7 instead of Java 6.
    • You can uncheck the Java 6 options if you do not want them to be allowed to run.
    • This section is for the Java runtime for local applications, and has nothing to do with the web plugin.



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