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  1. Thanks for clarifying me on these things. Really now I understand why technic launcher has changed so much. but in the future, will technic launcher still have tekkit classic, tekkit lite, and voltz? I see that it is the mod authors faults for these changes to technic launcher. I understand now. Thanks. I will like and support it. Hopefully the mod authors can bring our favorite mods back so the nostalgics like me and others and yet enjoy what is to come from technic launcher. Thanks for helping me understand. 


    We currently have no plans to remove any official Technic modpacks from the new launcher.


    But I still have one question: why is IC2 experimental seen as unstable and not suited for modpacks?



    It still has a lot of bugs/problems last I've heard. There hasn't been a lot of news from the developers either. (I'm open to be corrected) Mekanism v6, Thermal Expansion, and MFR have currently replaced IC2 as the go-to Tech mods.

  2. Because there are two different issues


    You have a missing ID 3473 (meaning the world has an item ID set but is no longer present in the client)




    You have an ID conflict between 3437 and 4005 (blockCable is set as 4005 in the world, but set as 3437 in the client)

  3. Alright where do I begin.


    So the technic Launcher has changed alot since it first started and since 2013, but that is where I think that there are problems, my suggestions are that: you should re add the Technic pack or aka Technic ssp. That was the mod pack that made the technic launcher what it is today. It was the first modpack in the launcher and the first widely used mod pack in Minecraft. I think that what should happen is that, there should be a technic pack in 1.2.5 (the one that was removed) called Technic classic and one that is being updated. I know that some of the mods are no longer being update so use projectred for redpower, equivalent exchange 3 for equivalent exchange 2 until ee2 gets update if it gets updated, and thaumcraft 4 for thaumcraft 2 and readd forestry to it. 


    This is probably not going to happen. The Technic modpack was a great pack but to try and recreate it would be a disaster. The modding community is completely different now than it was back then. We would not be able to live up to the incredulous expectations you have.


    For tekkit, update tekkit lite and you might say that "tekkit" is the update but many people feel that it isn't really tekkit cause, where is ic2, and alot of the other mods that made tekkit, tekkit? Keep the "tekkit" but rename it something like "tekkit space" or something cause people feel that that isnt really tekkit. Re add forestry to tekkit classic and make an updated version of tekkit classic, keep the 1.2.5 one but make an update version. For the mods that haven't ben updated? Ee3 for ee2, project red for redpower. I would suggest readding voxel as well. 


    That is you opinion, IC2 is currently a broken mod with no direction. We re-created Tekkit and provided you guys with Tekkit Lite since it was so popular. If you dont like the new one, go play the old one. 


    I would also suggest making an option where you can make the launcher look like the old launcher and have the old art. 


    This would not be possible due to significant coding changes to the launcher that would prolong development. 


    Many people are starting to abandon the technic launcher for feed the beast or ATlauncher because of those changes. That includes alot of my friend including the most die hard fans that I know. 


    I hardly believe this statement because it is simply not true. The traffic we have received from out last modpack launch (Attack of the B-Team) and the steady installs/run statistics show that Technic is growing in a healthy upward trend. 


    I think that it's a shame that Technic launcher lost it's meaning. It was probably called the Technic launcher because it launched technic and trust me, making a new flashier launcher isnt going to help. So I hope that you follow my advice because most people feel this way. I wish the techinc team good luck!


    The Technic Launcher has not lost its meaning. It has grown past what you have come to see it as. Technic was a launcher for a modpack. Technic is now a leader in providing users with Technic-created and User-created modpacks. The Platform is proof of that. We are not just making a flashier launcher. We are developing a reliable SaaP (Service as a Platform) that gives the users more control in developing there own experience, not just how we define it. With the type of feedback we have received so far, it seems the general opinion is excitement and eagerness. I hope you will come to like and support what Technic has become and what it will be. 



  4. ID 23883 is mismatched between world and game

    Item/Block ID 23883 is saved on the world as a different Item/Block than what is current set in the configs you are running.


    This is probably because you are using the same world as you change configs/add mods/etc. Sometimes you will need to create a new world (Delete the /world folder on the server) 

  5. Progress on both the website and the launcher are coming along nicely as we showed off in the livestream. We haven't released a date yet because we want to be comfortable and confident that we are rolling out reliable software. We dont want to shoot ourselves in the foot by setting a date too early and missing the deadline. As development continues, I'm sure more news will be released and a date will be decided.

  6. Technic only seems dead because its actually starting to take off. We have a live stream set this friday to announce our new platform and launcher. KakerMix and Co are busy getting this setup and we've been going non-stop since Attack of the B-Team rollout. 



    The celebs I have mentioned were moderators, modders, and general Technic team members (IceWolf, SimpleGuy, Ragnar, Jakj to name a few) who made it a must to go to the forums daily for a good laugh or some cool new conversation.


    Alot of the celebs you mention moved on. A lot of changing of the guard has happened lately including new members.  

  7. Modpacks are designed for certain play-styles and we have many different types of modpacks to choose from to suit those styles. Attack of the B-Team has been designed as a fun, less-techie. If you want a tech based modpack, go play Tekkit. Miss IC2? Go play Tekkit Lite. We have a variety of modpacks to choose from. 

    Credit to Kobata for noticing and informing me of the tweet.
    This is an issue that affects Spigot which is built into MCPC-Plus
    This has been fixed in Spigot: http://www.spigotmc.org/threads/arrayindexoutofboundsexception.14826/
    Just waiting on MCPC now.


    The error that crashes your server will be a 


    I will be following this closely as many seem to be having issues with players joining your servers.




    Build #251 of MCPC-Plus is now recommended. 




    Download this new jar, replace, restart

  9. Thats what a memory leak is, when you allocate object references without properly dealing with after they are no longer needed. They just sit and use up space instead of being properly garbage collected.


    We've noticed that ProjectRed has been having some issues lately so we've been keeping our eye on it.

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