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  1. ic2.core.IC2.onLivingSpecialSpawn has been crashing a lot of Tekkit Lite servers recently. This is due to corrupt code in IC2. The bug is reported as resolved here but no new info from Player has been reported.


    As a workaround change your server difficulty settings to Peaceful as this code method is triggered when mobs spawn.

    I will provide more info as I find it.


  2. @GrnEyedDvl, I can understand you are frustrated but instead of ranting about the platform right off the bat, ask questions backed up with detailed reports to the problem you are experiencing. The way you have approached this issue is exactly what sct said

    Instead of just ranting and acting like we are out to purposely make your life miserable, how about some detailed reports as to what is actually happening so we can work to fix it?

    Technic aims to provide a stable platform but they are not perfect. Things happen that they are unaware of. Please be a bit more considerate after all of the hard work they have done and make it easier/nicer when problems need to be brought to their attention. Otherwise you come across as a troll.

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