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    DeCreeperHunter reacted to namico2000 in Geo-Craft Servers | Mature ONLY | Whitelisted | 1.0.12a   
    Looking to add a few more people to the Geo-Craft servers! We're a relatively small community, looking for mature players who are interested in playing on a whitelisted group of servers. The server is hosted on a dedicated machine, and is available 24 hours a day.
    We have 3 different servers at the moment, with a 4th being decided on:
    Attack of the B-Team, Crack Pack, and Vanilla Minecraft (latest snapshot). 
    AotBT and Vanilla worlds are recently reset!
    The application process has changed: applications will now be done on our website, http://www.geo-craft.com  The application must be filled out completely in order to be considered! If accepted, you will get an email with your username and a temporary password to your account to the website, and you will be whitelisted on the server! 
    Thanks for taking a look at our servers! 
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