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  1. hi I need help finding the name of a song that plays at spawn on this AOTBT server: bteam.mc-icraft.net. Please do not flag this as advertising but i'm just curious what it's called and I thought maybe it's some obscure song file from one of the mods. help?

  2. That Wesley Oaks is an asshole. I personally find his modpacks boring and the servers slow as hell, his modpacks have these lame and stereotypical pictures as the modpack background picture and the pack picture. I mean seriously, a picture of a cartoon oldman cowboy saying "HOWDY!"... wow not offensive at all.

  3. This is my first modpack. It is a remake of Silverwolf77's "The you're not alone pack". The point of the pack is to add more fun to singleplayer (multiplayer compatible) without lagging a computer to death. This pack worked smoothly on a 300$ desktop computer so I'm assuming it'll go to the speed of light on someone else's gaming PC.


    Here is the link to my pack: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/details/you-may-not-be-alone.397135


    Note: The pack may go down from to time due to a problem over at dropbox. I may also make a mistake in giving the modpack url to technic a few times and resulting in an error unzipping the pack. 


    Note 2: The list of mods will come soon, although some honorable mentions would be mo creatures, thaumcraft, portalgun, twilight forest, magical crops, and flans modern weapons.


    I hope my last update cleared up some problems with the download error so enjoy,


  4. For your enderman problem and to add morre mobs: install dzhark's mo creatures and dzhark's custom spawner. open options after installing and click global mod options. if you poke around enough you can change spawn rates of certain entities such as endermen.


    And a few of my favorite personal mods: 


    Magical Crops (grow coal, diamonds, iron, YEAH!)




    Thaumcraft 3 (Magic to a science, really fun)

    COFH Core (When you know how to, you can change spawn rates of minerals down below, you could make diamonds spawn in clumps of 50 if you want!)

    Portalgun(Difficult to install, but fun)

    Pam's Weee Flowers

    rottenfleshtoleather (turn zombie meat into leather by cooking it :P)

    Balkon's Weapon Mod.


    Recommendation: My modpack may have be perfect for what you want. It has most of the mods listed and more. I can finish fixing it's download problem. If you need help on how to get my pack, ask. Check this out after a while. If it downloads and doesn't work (or if just plain vanilla loads) then Im still uploading and editing download links.


    The link to check out after a while:http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/details/you-may-not-be-alone.397135

  5. I haven't played hexxit for about a year. Last time I played it they did not have thaumcraft. NO THAUMCRAFT. I stopped playing after finding that out :P. Seriously, it's like a magical modpack. And no Thaumcraft. I was disappointed.

  6. Hey, look at all the fucks I'm no longer giving on helping you fix the problem you made in making this pack! Thank the gods for plowmanplow.


    For future reference, include a direct link to your pack. It means I click once and have direct access to your pack, instead of clicking through multiple websites or having to go through the Platform and Launcher.


    And don't sass the people trying to help you. 1.5.2 is an unlikely Minecraft version to have a pack in these days.

    First, i didn't read the forum rules but I think there would have been something about no cussing or something. And second, I did give a direct link to the download. And as for the first link to my pack, is it the end of the world for you have to click the copy button, and input the url into your launcher? And again, I did give a direct link to the modpack .zip

  7. @Melfice: You may get some use out of a little page I put together. You can simply paste an API URL into the available field and hit submit. The page will retrieve the pack metadata and give you a link to the download: http://www.circlecraft.info/platform/ Maybe I'll see about making that a little cleaner/modern this weekend :)




    Client Pack:

    • The contents of your modpack are in a subfolder inside the archive. The main folders (bin, config, Flan, mods) need to be at the top level of the folder structure inside the archive.
    • Your bin folder has too much stuff in it. It should ONLY contain the modpack.jar file.
    • It looks like you have extracted the ZIP files that would be in your Flan folder. Don't Leave them as ZIP files. extract them.
    • Melfice brings up a valid point: Why are you making a new modpack for Forge/MC 1.5.2? Making it for 1.6.4 would be a much better choice, and 1.7.10 would probably be even better.

    Fix those issues and come back if there are any problems.


    Side note: Melfice gave you a very reasonable response to your OP. Making a new pack for 1.5.2 is possibly ill advised at this point because none of the server software or mods are being supported anymore by the authors. That being said, getting aggressive with people who are only trying to help you in a reasonable way will not get you very far. There are only a very small handful of us providing modpack support. Flies and honey and whatnot.

    I am using 1.5.2 because I have attempted to recreate all of these mods in later versions and it never worked out in the end. for 1.5.2, they somehow remained stable enough. As for the Flans problem, they were unzipped. and I still received my guns. Oh, and thanks A LOT :D

  8. Download the fracking pack and you will get your zip. If you don't know how to get the zip after the download when you click "play", go to the modpacks folder, open the "you-may-not-be-alone-pack" and open the folder "cache", there is your .zip. "Should the pack be in minecraft version 1.5.2? That almost seems to be the first big error. Unless it was intentional." God, you are rude. "unless it was intentional..." Why...would it be intentional? "Should the pack be in minecraft version 1.5.2?" Counter Quote: "I manually put the mods and coremods in and it worked fine for me."............Does anyone have some real help?


    Also, the link for the zip if you are too lazy to actually add the pack and follow my instructions: https://www.dropbox.com/s/k4ojbcbtw7zrypr/you-may-not-be-alone-3.0.zip?dl=1

  9. Alright, first, here is the link to my pack: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/details/you-may-not-be-alone.397135


    Now, the problem. I download the pack zip. It supposedly unzips and then launches. Only 3 mods were installed. I checked the cache of my pack and I find the zip.  I open it. I open the mods folder and there are mods in there. The coremods are fine too. Why did Technic not unzip those mods? Also: I manually put the mods and the coremods in and it worked fine for me.



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