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  1. 0.6.5 OmniWorldTKL [PvE][40 slots][No Whitelist][Nothing removed.] Rules: No grief, stealing, hacking, exploiting, duping, bad language, or anti social behavior. Banned Items: No items are banned, yet. Plugins: Permissionsex, vault, world border, world edit, commandbook, grief prevention, tele++, worldguard, mcbans, herochat, homespawnplus, coreprotect Server is new, proper spawn hasn't even been built yet, nor do I have a website for it yet. This is a friendly server for people who want to mess around with tekkit lite in multiplayer. Server has a full 8 GB of ram dedicated to it and Staff will world edit back quarry holes so you can mine them again. Special rules concerning quarry placement will be explained latter. Server is up 24/7 BUT is on a trial basis. If it fails to draw any attention I will remove it in a couple of months. Curently there are very few regular players, we are looking for staff. Nothing is removed as of yet, but I will certainly remove any item that proves to be a problem, and ban the players exploiting it. You have been warned.
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