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  1. Name: Rosalio Username SickCoMs Skype (optional) Age 16 2 reasons why do you like to play Tekkit 1. I want to play with some new people and just have some fun. 2. It's been a while since I have played a modpack, and I want to get back in to it.
  2. Name: Rosalio IGN: SickCoMs Age: 16 Description of yourself: (This question always gets me...) Um I am a person who respects others , and likes to work together. Tekkit lite/general mod experience: I've played several different mod packs with some friends but stopped lately. I'm really eager to start playing in a community again. Have you ever griefed or stolen before on another server?: Nope, I don't find a point in it. I usually enjoy playing the modpack then pvp. Skype or Steam: SickCoMs
  3. Age: 16 IGN: SickCoMs Reason to join: I would like to join a nice community server. I'm kinda new to this modpack and I think the best way to learn is from friends.
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