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  1. ive checked that link and that place looks like a lot of fun i checked the recipe for the portal and it appears i need some unstable ingots too for it (i'll make the nuggets instead of the ingots cause like u said their unstable and will explode!) i got the cobble but not those i need something called a division sigil to make em how do i get a sigil?
  2. i would make DSU but i am short on ender pearls by the way i made two restone energy cells, one for the quarry and one for my own base. i know how to use the liquid transposser now hmm, what is the deep dark?
  3. hello friends i return after a long time i was busy with uni i just looked at curnirs quarry tutorial and made one was a bit tricky making the cyclic assembler for all those rocks but i managed
  4. well i dont have any slaves so pumps it is i have quite an amount of yellowrium and right now it feels like i'll never run out of power cause of that 4x4 reactor you had me built i thought the other dynamo would be more useful, i'll just leave this world and maybe comeback if i desperately need power
  5. guys while making random ages i found an age filled with liquifacted coal i think its used to power one of the dynamos is there a fast way to suck up all the liquid coal?
  6. ok, i will keep those commands in mind, you gotta break it anyway right now i was just checking out 1.8 and its new features. sphax has made a lot of changes to its texture pack, i like em also the sphax tekkit patch pack has just been update so u guys might wanna check it out http://bdcraft.net/community/pbdc-patches-rel-packs/tekkit-t274.html they put in new textures for mine factory reloaded and something from EE3
  7. ok got it edit: should have made this thing earlier mined a lot of great stuff including 4 diamonds
  8. ^ oh man so i didnt need a laser at all... oh well, i'll use that recipe when i have to upgrade my AE storage ur right curunir, i better get around to doing that stuff i made a mining turtle since i was a bit low on diamond its fun seeing it mine i set it to tunnel 128 like you said bochen, but what do i do to stop it?
  9. the chips have finally been made! i set it up with a ME chest first like curunir sugested, i have a drive too but im gonna first get the hang of this thing before i use that i must say i am quite satisfied with it, storage is a lot more compact and crafting is a lot easier too, thanks a lot everyone especially botchen phew, that took a lot of work, im done for today by the way i dont need the machinist table now right? im gonna put it in storage
  10. alrighty, imma gonna but a hardened energy cell next to it soon right now i think im just gonna break the laser it stash it till i need it again well i do have a 4x4 reactor and it does produce loads and loads of energy edit: im back from mining by the way i found 6 diamonds! already crafted the drive and crafter all theres left is the controller and the 4k storage cell
  11. patience it is then boy this is really gonna take quite a while, only one chip made in all this time and i was checking the ME controller recipe and it requires a diamond chip! well time to mine again i think by the time im done mining the chips wouldve been made
  12. well that was lucky i found some diamonds already edit: was exactly one too edit: laser has been made seems like it takes a while to make the chips
  13. i have to get to making a quarry someday but i just keep running out of diamonds!
  14. thats helpful too i was thinking the laser right next to the table now i know you gotta put it above
  15. lasers eh? looks like it needs two diamonds i only have one, well time to mine
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