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    Havoc29 reacted to ohnoitswoody in Small Whitelisted B-Team Community   
    Thanks everyone
    i'm going to review all the applications now and sort out a few bugs in the server,
    so give me a day and I will pm the ip address to those that were accepted..
    Just a reminder we have had more replies to this post than there are spots on the server so not everyone will be accepted,
    But we may upgrade the server at a later date to add more..
    Thanks again.....
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    Havoc29 got a reaction from amesfille in Small Whitelisted B-Team Community   
    IGN: Havoc29
    AGE: 31
    WHY DO YOU WANT TO JOIN THE SERVER: Looking for a Small yet close-nit server to establish myself in
    SKYPE: Shawn_Hess
    WHAT WOULD YOU ENJOY DOING ON THE SERVER: Having fun, making new friends, helping others with what i know, and establish a Space station base
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