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  1. Thanks dude but I was looking for normal tekkit, not tekkit classic. If there is supposed to be a normal tekkit in there then the link might be worng or something
  2. Thanks a lot but I was thinking of something that was just made for tekkit, no extra work required
  3. Ive been having trouble with tekkit resource packs lately so if you know any good ones ( especially sphax ) Just add it to a reply.
  4. Why are Twinkies not infinite

    1. Lethosos


      They have to add the creme filling first.

  5. Why do I exist and why do I not have infinite twinkies

  6. Personally I think that Mekanism and Chisel would be two good mods to add to tekkit. I've been watching yogscast lately and they seem to use those mods fairly often and I tried them for myself on ftb (and later ended up deleting it because of computer memory loss) and I honestly think they would be good to add into the modpack, another good mod to possibly add would be "biomes a plenty" just to add a little bit of variety to the plain vanilla biomes. DISCLAIMER- I did not make any of these mods and although i cant name the authors because I don't know who made them, I must say to you mod cr
  7. You could possibly use Skydaz (a site that dowloads forge and all that for you) and then you could make your own unofficial modpack of a sort
  8. Personally I think that Mekanism and Chisel should be part of the Tekkit Pack and although there is no way this could happen I think that there should be other modpacks that for example, only include magic mods like blood magic and thaumcraft. Reply what you think below and if I made mistakes (which I probably just did by saying "reply below") plz cut me some slack its my first post
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