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  1. Alright, thanks for the info. I guess I'll hold off on using that mod for a while. I hope it'll be fixed soon, wouldn't want to see such a great mod go to waste.

    By the way, do you know if Smart Moving is compatible with this modpack? I saw that Player API and Render Player API were included in this pack, so adding Smart Moving shouldn't break anything. Just wanted to know before I inadvertently break something.

    These mods are included in the modpack to support the Galacticraft compatibility with other mods. If you want to manually add Smart Moving you can, but I can't promise you smoothness. P:

  2. This modpack seems to be exactly what I'm looking for. Many thanks!

    The only thing missing seems to be Ars Magica 2, which is a mod that I really love. An update for 1.7 should be out soon, though. Will you be including that mod if it's stable, or should I put it in myself?

    Ars Magica 2 is already updated to 1.7.10, but unfortunately the support for it is very limited and the current builds are very unstable. It won't be added to the modpack anytime soon.

  3. Awesome!

    Is this that "Tekkit II" people were talking about, or is this something different? And wasn't Hexxit II supposed to come out first?

    This is a new version of Tekkit, for 1.7.10, so I suppose so. About the other thing - Technic likes to do stuff their own way :))

  4. jgHA50UkErljsRAu97XzZYrRcg3eAE0qTHdpxqCW

    Discord support!
    We're happy to announce that we also support Discord now. Feel free to login to the channels of the modpack, discuss servers, share creations, and ask for help.

    If you want to join the channels, click on the Discord icon above, or click the connect buttons in the launcher / platform!
    If you want to know more about Discord, read Technic's article here:

  5. Has anyone made a server sponsoring this modpack? I'm looking for a magic/tech kind of modpack for my friends and I to play with, and this seems to be a good pack.

    ​There's no public server (yet?), but you can just open yourself / ask one of your friends to open a server for you to play in. It's very simple, and there's a download for the server files within the modpack's page in the platform.

  6. The modpack has been updated to v0.7.5!

    ~10 days without an update and I get "is this pack abandoned". Huh :P

    Anyway, here is our lovely changelog:

    - Added Default World Generation (Just as the name of the mod, BoP is the default now).

    - Updated Forge to latest version, 1307.

    - Updated *37* mods to this point, all the mods in the pack are up to date.

    - Minor configuration changes.

    - Just one tiny bug fix to a specific HQM quest.

    - Added a server icon to the server files!

    Don't forget that for any support that you need simply go to:

    Enjoy! ;D 

  7. The modpack has been updated to v0.7.4!



    Hey guys! What's up? A new version is here, yey!
    - Added EnderTech, INpureCore & Fast Leaf Decay!
    - Removed ColorChat from client side due to some problems, but it stays on servers!
    - Updated *32* mods to this point! All the mods in the pack are up to date.
    - Minor configuration changes.
    - Bug fixes. For more, see there:
    - Some changes to the server launch file.
    Please enjoy, and report back any issue on the GitHub page!



  8. The modpack has been updated to v0.7.3!

    Yey! An update! I love updates. Some changes, a lot of changes. Update is really recommended:
    - Added Thermal Dynamics & Hardcore Ender Expansion!
    - Removed Chisel Facades (It's now default in Buildcraft).
    - Updated *40* mods! all the mods in the pack are up to date.
    - Minor configuration changes.
    - Bug fixes. For more, see there:
    I hope that you still remember what to do when you want support! A Clue: GitHub :)
    Enjoy guys!

  9. The modpack has been updated to v0.7.2!

    After not a lot of waiting I'm bringing for you guys the v0.7.2 update! Mainly focusing on the new mods but also some fixes and updates I'll describe more below:
    - Added Modular Powersuits, Modular Powersuits Addons & Recurrent Complex!
    - Removed the Ruins mod (Replaced by Recurrent Complex).
    - Updated *25* mods, all the mods in the pack are up-to-date!
    - Minor configuration changes.
    - Fixed some bugs with the HQM quests.
    Remember that for any question/bug report/suggestion/attention just go to the GitHub page of the modpack and I'll help you there.
    Enjoy guys!

  10. Well, I certainly will.

    How have you solved the issue if I may ask?

    At the moment my approach would be to disallow ender-thermic pumps in the Nether (which kinda defeats their purpose overall). Did you solve it using another approach? In EnderZoo.cfg or SpawnConfig_Core.xml I do not find anything related to Wither Skeletons, therefore I am not sure if I just could disable the mob (which would in my opinion be less invasive).

    The problem is the EnderPump from Extra Utilities and it has nothing to do with Ender Zoo. You just need to remove the pump and the issue should fix itself :)