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  1. I got it figured out after mucking about in the mekanism forums thanks tho!

    I am a fan of your modpacks, can't wait to see what you cooked up. I also figured it out after looking into the mekanism forums. Turns out it was a common issue and I just didn't look deep enough. 

    That's the problem with 1.7.10. Its an alpha and beta minefield of instability/unusbility

    Actually, after 15 builds of my modpack I can tell you that in v0.4.0 1.7.10 my modpack is really stable. I had alot of known bugs and all of them have been fixed with all the mods updates, so people that are keep playing in 1.6 are just don't want to keep up.

  2. Some modders don't like it when people don't suck up to them so they already have lackeys going around and dropping the guillotine on people they think deserve it. For a lot of them, the mods they make grant them the 15 minutes of fame they have always wanted, and they will fight for them with all they have.


    When someone comes out of the wood works, that doesn't ask them for their permission to use their mod, then either one of two things will happen: A - They shut you down faster than you can blink; B - In comes the White Knights protecting the "poor, bullied modders" by throwing feces at you and the people that are with you; C - The modders themselves take action against you.


    This is why I wouldn't be that depressed if Microsoft made up some house rules for modding. There are a lot of them that need to be knocked down a peg and taught a lesson on humility. 

    You are 100% right.

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    The 1.7.10 Pack
    As you can see in the Technic website, the modpack has one of each and all the famous mods that we all love.
    The modpack updates regularly.

    More of the information, including mod list and changelogs, will be in the link bellow, or in the website.
    The Minecraft Forums Thread

    ● Technic Launcher
    ● The 1.7.10 Pack
    Server download

    Once downloaded, open the launcher and choose "Add New Pack". Paste the Platform URL from the link above and The 1.7.10 Pack should be now in your Technic Launcher. Just login, download the modpack and play!

    Resource Packs
    Thanks to Nhawks and Novamanga The 1.7.10 Pack has an official 128x-32x Sphax patch, Get it Here!



    Full permissions list.

    I would appreciate it if you'll press the +1 Button in the modpak page 🙂



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