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  1. DIG IT, DIG IT, DIG IT!! Its APOC BigDig people! Insane!! Rediculous performance!! If I could make everyone do one thing it would definatly be joining this amazing server!
  2. This is the ultimatly best server in the god damn universe!!! Its so good I seriously never want to leave! The staff are just so insanely kind and great and the players are equally as kind and fun to play with. I can't express my love for this server!! I recomend this server over any tekkit server!
  3. Tekkit lite, the old and the new. All made 10 times better with the addition of all the APOC players who are SUCH GREAT people!!! Best tekkit lite server around!
  4. For an old modpack, this server has to be one of the best I have ever seen!!! APOC makes this like an entirely new modpack. So cool!!!!
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