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  1. Found some Bugs, Enchanting plus is not obtainable, it shows the standart enchanting menu, Problem with my server or someone else noticed this? Plus, some blogs are not crafteable, for example sakura or cherry bookshelfes.. Maybe this is fixable... Greetings from Europa, Medusalem
  2. I Love Hexxit 3.0 so much, There are not much things that i want to be changed, because it is awesome! But here are my things that i would love to be changed . - I like the difficulty which is in here, but the Lava mobs are spawning in the Overworld is a REAL big problem, villages with a blacksmith are often burned down in a second just because one of these firemobs are shoting fireballs at you! This gets even worse if there are lavaseas somewhere and the big dudes come to the overworld, i lost like two BIG forrests because of that and had to make it rain and do creativ stuff to prevent my server from crashing.... My solution for that would be to prevent them from spawning in the overworld! The Modauthor (if he is real) (and i think so) said it is highly confgurable, maybe it is possibil. - Than, i want better loot at Dungeons, and thats a real problem, Hexxit was always like, LOOK AT THIS AWESOME LOOT, i miss this feeling while looting dungeons, i mean for real... i do not know how to do that but if it is just put id's in some config, i would even help in the bit of speare time i have at the moment to bring this back to hexxit! - than the Warp book, I LOVE IT, but it is way to cheap in my opinion, should be a bit more special recipe or so... - Some one said Chocobos are updated! We need them! - and than, some of the Dungeons are spawning sometimes everywhere for example the little dungeon thing which hase a dubble chest in it and some string trap which shoots arrows at you? There were three of it in one biome, i do not know if this is wanted, if so ok - little things: way too much flying mobs some times!, Some times there are no vanilla mobs spawning for days... and the pharaos are everywhere, litteraly, i often have to reset the mobs by seting on peacfull for some moments, because it is impossibel to cross the dessert!
  3. Which java are you running, and how much ram did you set to be used? I had to update the Ram to 3 from 2 gb to get it running.
  4. Hey, So I handed the server file Downloads to my, Server Suport to get it right instaled on server side, but it keeps crashing... Thats the Crash log of my server : I don't know whats wrong, someone tried the server on it's own? Hope to get help : Greetings from EU Medusalem
  5. Does this tool includes the mods while Rendering the worl? And thank you!
  6. Is there a Possibility to prerender the World on servers?
  7. Can not Download it, added Optifine HD 4 Ultra, some little lags, but nothing like this, "get yourself a coffee freeze". Will Try Hexxit 3.0c on my Server, after i safed everything which is on it
  8. To Version C, Runs smother than before, with some lags here and there. But, - Still got crashes while looking on spawners. - Sometimes Freezes for around ten to 30 Seconds randomly while world Generation But i Love it, never died that much in the first Days
  9. Hey guys, the download is freezing up the moment it reachest ...scala-actor-migration... I put in the console text from Technik launcher in there, maybe it's usefull? I wanted to put it in a Spoiler, but can't find the tool for it, i'm Sorry! Edit: Done, Problem with Antivirus software!
  10. Is there a date for 3.0c or how you will name it? at the moment it is crashing on my pc quit often
  11. Press the little option button on your hexxit pack button in the launcher and than choose the 3.0b version
  12. By the way, Enchanting Plus is here for 1.7.10
  13. Just to quote Myself, why not Both Ars Magica2 and Thaumcraft, to gain something complex to learn over the Game, so You have to fight for stuff, craft for stuff and learn for stuff in a new way! It would give tons and tons of Hours to Learn and new possibilities to Fight or stand against some of the Real evil Mobs! But I could understand too if its not possible or wanted, but i would Love! to see it!
  14. Hey I did some research for some of the mods that had gone missing! None of the links are direct Downloadl inks just links to the Forum/Website! (I'm Sorry for bad pronunciation and stuff, it is not my mother Tong!) So, you can find legendgear 2, for 1.7.10 here: I found an updated/redone Version of rotten flesh to leather: There is Tinker*s Construct for 1.7.10 over hear: (It*s Beta, yust like Hexxit 3.0) More Bows is free to Update but noone is doing it, which is sad! Than, i liked the Idea of Arsmagica 2 in Hexxit, like you added id in Beta 2. So It is Updated to Version 1.7.10 you can find it over there: As an Alternativ, could be Thaumcraft, it could be even cooler as Arsmagica I hope this helps you Greetings from Europa. Edit: Some additions which could be cool, maybe! Armor Status Hud, which is really usefull! It's available for minecraft 1.7.10 And Maybe Dungeonpack, because it is able to be modified via config! (there is some cool Stuff in it, but also some inbalanced things like the obsidian towers!