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  1. Server will eventually go down for good. It's just how it works with these guys.
  2. I think you pretty much have it figured out..... So are you asking how it is possible that no one is on the servers.....I don't get it.
  3. Modpack: TPPI Version: 1.1.2a IP: play.absolutegaming.org Website: http://absolutegaming.org Absolute Gaming's TPPI server is a limited PvP server. PvP and raiding is only allowed outside of a players claim. Any griefing, whether it is claimed or not is strictly FORBIDDEN! We have a fun and friendly little community, and if there is something about the server you don't like, let us know! We are always striving to make the server the most fun it can be for the people who play on it! Our server is 100% dedicated and runs 24/7 with 99% uptime! • Quarrys are allowed! • Player Shops buyable with your Eco balance! • No lag/Great uptime! • Dedicated Staff! We run our B-Team and TPPI servers through the same hub! When you join the hub simply type /server TPPI to join the fun. Thanks and we hope to see you soon! ~ Absolute Gaming
  4. Exactly. I could care less about the amount of banned items on a server. If it is necessary to make the experience better, more fair, eliminate dupes then I am all for it. Yay, you have no banned items, unfortunately we have people duping all over the place. The server crashes will come for him eventually. Hard to really get crashes when your server pegs out at 10 players!
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