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  1. It could be my graphics card, but I've had it forever and I've been playing technic with it ever since. Now its just causing the problem. And believe me, the only thing I ran on my computer that day was technic launcher. Could it have been a windows update, or, a technic update conflicting with a background program that windows is running?
  2. Every time I load technic to play, in the span of 15 minutes, my computer crashes, monitor shots down, saying it gets, "no signal". So, then I have to restart my computer. There. There's my problem. AND, What really pisses me off is that it lasts for about 2 weeks. Even if I don't use technic. And for some reason it only happens when I load a game. Even a steam game, or something on Kongregate. I've had this happen 4 times, and now I'm not using technic anymore until I get a clear solution. Their's nothing on my computer, no viruses, I've checked with a virus scanner, and its really ticking me off. Even if i fully uninstall technic, it happens! It's like a little swarm of microbots are swarming in my computer, and crashing it, and slowly dying, one my one. It's horid. If anyone else has something, or even, ANYTHING similar to this, please say something. And, Admins, technic runners, please help.
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