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  1. ML Minecraft Hello current minecraft players. I "NUMBER1KILLA" is hosting a custom modded server with roughly 150 mods. I am currently running 1.7.10. I am here to find active players that can be apart of the server. The server contains the mods listed.... -Carpenters blocks -IC2 -Rail Craft -Invisable Lights -AE2 -Biblio Craft -Big Reactors -Blood Magic -Botania -Buildcraft -Chisel -Computer Craft -Dimensional anchor -Enchanting Plus -Ender IO -Ender Storage -Ender Utilities -Enhanced Portals -Equivalent exchange -Extra Buttons -Extra Utilities -Factorization -Flat Sign -forestry -GalactiCraft -Grave Stone -GenDustry -Hats -iChunUtil -immibis -Inventory Tweaks -Iron Chests -Jabba -Liquid XP -Mariculture -Mekanism -MFR -Mine Tweaker -Natura -Nei Addons -NEI -Obsidion Plates -Open Blocks -Ore Dictionary -Pams Harvest Craft -Pneumatic Craft -Project Red -Random Things -Redstone Arsenal -Reptile Mod -Ruins -Secret Rooms Mod -Simply Jetpacks -Steves Carts -Steves Factory Manager -TConstruct -Thaumcraft -Thermal Expansion -Translocators -Weapon Mod -Wireless Redstone -Witchery The server has PVP Enabled and has its own currency. The Server is open to public but it is whitelisted in order for new players to contact me the owner, i want to meet and greet every new player that i encounter. If you want to join add myself on skype at "how-are-you-doing1" or join the teamspeak server IP: Port 10297 -If you guys want to check out our website. The link is below ""