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  1. You were banned for both giving free items to Soviet_Bear120 and 2002steve and using the transmutation tablet dupe. Yes, I know how a tablet works..... and neither of them did any services for you and no payments were exchanged. Also, using the correct website may be of some use to you ( http://www.toastynetworks.net/ ). All Ban appeals are to be made on the ban appeal section in the forums http://toastynetworks.net/forum/forums/ban-appeal.14/ .
  2. So I have been looking for days for the mod patches such as the ones for EE2, Wireless Redstone, and MFFS. So far I can only find EE2 patches and Taeir's Fixpack but I'm not able to find any others. I have searched and found links to the patches but they've all been taken down. If anyone could direct me to the right place that would be great.