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  1. Important Update: Server now Increased to 25 slots wich allows more people to connect and have fun also there is a discussion about a new Plugin
  2. the server is greylisted so its free to join it for who ever that wants but if you want any permissions you need to talk to me first in a Private Conversation so that i know you may not Cause any problems so start of sending me a PM if you want to recive Builder rank cuz i need to know a bit more than just a simple post like this but sure you can join as so can everyone else
  3. it seems like I cant access any modpack all is stated to be offline

  4. The server will become Graylisted In a few Days when everything is setup correctly
  5. I do not have the Bacups they are all gone and all you do is raging on the wrong place its over time to move on and no i do not use creative other than giving the players some stuff cuz of the loss of the worlds (diamond full armor and diamond full Toolset) other than that i do not use Creative at all if you want to continue this bring proof or stop right now
  6. you said you dont want to play on my server anymore why shall you still act like you want to when you allready made it clear you dont want to play on it leave it at that and i had an enchantment table first of all you dont need bookshelfs to enchant Stuff only the table itself Now stop this before its get out of hand i do not want to have more contact with you and why are you so Interested in contacting me when you dont even want to play on my server i have very limited resources to even host the server but i still host it on what i have and you missed that servers isint a democracy its more of A dicator state and that applies for all servers EDIT: its over move on stop before god knows what happends behaving like this will only make it worse for you Nick. THE END of this Discussion EDIT: peoples are free to leave and never come back as they please
  7. im looking for More players to my attack of the b-team server its whitelisted and Running on a 24/7 schedual or as close as possible and the world wont be changed untill it eighter crashes or the server crash and its unrecoverable Ty all for your time and please ignore SUBxMotionz as he is upset cuz i lost the world due to operation system change and Copy failure to my usb stick

    1. Soupa


      Why not post in server thread?

  8. actully its back to normal operation now and will continue that way if you like it or not its up to you but do use fair laungiush or dont post on my thread
  9. server is Soon back up software successfully updated and the server Should not be more Wiped out And should be back to normal schedual of Operation within the next 24hours EDIT: it runs on normal schedual now so allmost 24/7 uptime again
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