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  1. Hexxit II is already in the update process...since 2 months
  2. In general you just have to wait a few minutes if you change things because the launcher has to pull the new informations/resources from the platform (=website). Just said that you dont restart your computer every time in the future if it just takes some time
  3. No offence taken. I actually run three servers atm. One on a VPS. An two on MC Gamerserver packages (I.E. BeastNode). I am simply looking for a way to run three servers still but consolidated and on one plan. Perhaps I am not being clear or am just not understanding. With 3 Game servers I have no root access, so I cannot create different directories, or run a website (linked specifically to that server, of course I could always use a 3rd part webhost company), and things of that nature. Essentially by running with a GameServer I am an Administrator and not an owner/leasee and thus am restricted with what I can do. On the other hand, with my current VPS I have full root access. That is what I use to run my solder repo, various scripts, did an installation of LAMP, etc. Unfortunately that VPS is restricted to 4GB. With my VPS I also run a server on my it and have total control over it. I have created various shell scripts for autobackup, restarters, crash detectors, an optimized launcher, etc. Various thing that normally come inherent in purchasing a GameServer. I am allowed to do this (the consumer is allowed to do this) because I own the VPS, or in some cases, that portion of the VPS and have root access to it. What I am looking for is a way to consolidate. Perhaps have one good solid VPS (like the link above) or one Dedicated Box on one bill with multiple servers. Granted I may need to purchase more IPs or whathaveyou and assign the different servers to different IPs (for example my current VPS box has two IP addresses, so theoretically I could run two servers off of it) even though they are running off the same box, but I am not at that stage yet. I am just looking for a good hosting plan in general that is affordable. And perhaps this thread would be able to compile a list of good Hosting companies. I am not sure what you mean by running into issues with the law along with hijacked servers. Perhaps I am misunderstanding terms or just mis-communicating in general. All good, seems like I was wrong. Maybe look at OVH or SoYouStart (also OVH). They have cheap hardware and a DDoS protection (more or less).
  4. I dont want to be offense but you should think twice about rent a dedicated root server. It seems like you dont realy know how to work with servers and linux. You dont realy need VPS for multiple mc servers because on a root you can do multiple directions (/home/user/mc1 /home/user/mc2 etc.). Your problem will be that you dont have enought IP adresses. If you rent multiple of them for your root you can add them all to one system and every IP would have his own minecraft 25565 port. You just have to put in the IP in the to change that it doesnt run on the default IP. As said: Think twice about it, you will have a lot of work and maybe problems with the law because of your hijacked servers (just if you dont realy know what you are doing). Maybe it would be better to rent some gameservers
  5. Maybe build them self? Just remove the client mods and you will be fine ^^
  6. Mhm your lucky that shrooms never saw your post he left a rude post on my report...

    1. meytro


      What do you mean? I dont understand you...
  7. Use PermissionsEX or search for a option like use default for all worlds
  8. Why you don't take the Hexxit 3.0c Modpack and work it out?
  9. Bumb too. Btw: would be nice if you remove the backtools mod from the server files. It says it is just for the client side.
  10. Try out Java 7 if you use Java 8.