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  1. You had been added to the credits, you can see them on the following links: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/1710-magic-reality.565990/permissions https://github.com/Zalthrion/Magic-Reality/blob/master/1.7.10/CREDITS%20-%20Special%20Thanks.txt https://github.com/Zalthrion/Magic-Reality/blob/master/README.md The last link is used as a list of contributors/mods, i added you on that list too. =P Thanks again for the resources! =D
  2. Thanks! It looks awesome! I'm gonna add you to the credits of the pack ASAP. =D
  3. PS: Link of the mod pack http://technicpack.net/modpack/1710-magic-reality
  4. Hai, I would like to ask you if you could make a logo, icon, and background for my mod pack, it would be awesome if you could, as usual, i will give you credits in the section of Special Thanks of my mod pack. More info about the pack: The mod pack is based around Magic and Realism, it has exploration, adventure, and Technology as secondary theme, and difficulty as third. More info about what I would love to see: The background could be an screenshot with shaders and maybe on Biomes o Plenty, if possible (This can be done on the pack, if you need it) Also if you need a resource pack for realism for it then I recommend using R3DCraft The logo, i would love to see it have mostly magic theme on it, maybe the name of the pack in some type of fancy letters, like the ones on the actual logo, if you want you can add some purple myst in the background of the logo to make it more look more magical =P The icon can be an item/symbol from the logo, idk really. =P I really would appreciate if you could do this, it would be really awesome, I hope I'm not asking too much , if I am then sorry D=. Thanks! I hope you can do it!
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