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  1. Hey there Gumygum here and I'm looking for Beta testers for my main modpack called Ryong Modpack. I have been working on this modpack for some time and I am very proud of it. I need beta testers because I feel like it's stable enough to have a grand launch, however I'm the only one working on bugs and crashes, I'm still very novice at reading crash logs and fixing issues. I need you and your friends to test it out and see what needs to be improved! And special thanks to all that tested it in alpha and suggested all the awesome mods that I have added to the pack. Thanks So Much!!! Here is a link to the pack and there is a server package for you and your friends! Hope it's to your liking! Thanks Much!! http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/ryong-modpack.587483
  2. Here the Gumygum and I have created a new modpack called Stranded Tiger Modpack. It is a modded lonely island survival. It is intended to play on your favorite lonely island seed. Most seeds should work as long as that are compatible with 1.7.10. I'm focusing on the oceans and magic in this pack. Also this pack include mods like oceancraft, fantastic fish, blood magic, draconic evolution, and thermal expansion are just a few big ones. the full list is under the overview tap. be aware that this pack is in Alpha and may have crashes and bug, but thats why I need you to help me find those issues. My goal is to make all my modpacks are stable as possible so everyone can play comfortably. here is a link to the pack: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/stranded-tiger-modpack.612060 and i hope you enjoy and survive with me on my journey, If you have any suggestion on mods I should add or anything else please leave a comment for the pack or tweet me on twitter @gumygum62 Thanks Much and don't get too lonely!
  3. hey there. some one asked me to make a server for my modpack. so i started to, however i understand that i need to remove all the client based mods from the mods folder but i dont know which ones are client based. is there a way to tell? also is this what i need to do to make a server package so people can make their own server. im just a bet confused on the subject and help would be great. I have linked my modpack below. if you think that it would be easier to explain to me on skype, let me know. :} Thanks Much!! http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/ryong-modpack.587483
  4. I personally like tekkit lite because its easy to understand and your watchers wont need a super computer to play along with you as you post your lets plays. unfortunately I'm too busy to join you but i can't wait to watch your adventures
  5. it is definitely a mob problem. i think it has something to do with Animals+, at night so many things spawn and burning mobs in the morning seems to result in a internal shutdown. not sure why this is a problem now. i haven't had this issue before. so if there's anyone that could help me i am willing to speak through Skype or email. i don't want to loose Animals+, i love the models of the animals but i may have to find a replacement. if you have any suggestions let me know!
  6. gumygum62


    so you downloaded the technic launcher and you started it up, then you closed it and now you cant find where you saved the download? if thats the case then i suggest you go to your Download Folder on your computer and you should find it there or if you are using google chrome, click on the menu, at the top right hand corner, and scroll down to Downloads and that will bring up all your downloads. hope that helps
  7. openblock mod needs a coremod called openmodlib and some of the jar files look funky to me. make sure all the mods are up to date with ur forge and make sure that you download them at reputable site. and carefully read the install directions for the mod. i had trouble with that when i was making my modpack. i also tried every mod one at a time as i added them to my mods folder to make sure everything was compatible. its a slow process but i learned alot about which mods dont fit well together. hehe Good Luck. Cant wait to play ur pack!!
  8. hey there Gumygum here! im a bet stuck on this crash report. some folks have had this crash and it finally happened to me. it seems to happens randomly and thought it was a entity thing but cant find the problem, im still new at reading crash reports so i would love the help thanks much! and let me know if you need more info. Crash report: http://paste.ubuntu.com/10359144/ Modpack: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/ryong-modpack.587483
  9. Hey there Gumygum here to announce that I have put of my modpack, Ryong Modpack, into Beta! I am so excited and can't wait for your feed back on the latest version. I have add some new mods and updated one of my most favorite mods Chisel to Chisel 2! I also what to thank all the players that have installed my pack and helped me created an awesome building based and fun minecraft experience! Thanks so much!! If you are looking for a building based modpack check mine out! It's called Ryong Modpack and build something amazing! for a list of the mods in the pack, its under the "About" tab! Thanks Again! Gumygum
  10. is the launcher updated? or maybe try re-installing the launcher. when i install a pack it seems to work fine. however some locations dont work because of dropbox issues but i dont know anything about that. i hope that helps you
  11. i suggest just jumping in a main technic modpack on the technic launcher. Attack of the B-Team is the best in my opinion. its easy to get materials because the ores are surfaced. this allows you to focus on the mods themselves. it will be overwhelming at first but just do what feels natural to you. when i first started getting into modpacks i did what i did in vanilla, built a home, a small mine, and then punched grasses until i got every seed lol. i hid in my comfy zone of farming. in Attack of the B-Team (AOTBT) there is a mod called FoodsPlus where you can make loads of different kind of food and drinks. After i mastered that i moved on to make my farming experience easier. so i worked on learning how to use the Minefactory Reload Mod to automate my farm. you can look on youtube and wikis to help you know everything about the nod you are interested in. and in time, you will be covenant to take on any mod. but dont get frustrated if you dont know what to do, just play how you normally play and have fun learning everything
  12. Looking for players to test out my modpack called Ryong Modpack. I can't properly find and fix bugs and crashes without help finding them. The pack is a custom building pack with unique blocks, npcs, cars, furniture, plants and animals. Everything you need to build a civilization. there are also some techy mods with a pinch of pvp with the flans content packs. A when you're having some builder block, take a break and try out some fun mods like Clay warriors and Fossils and Archaeology, hunt for magic clovers and grow your own villagers. Either way its sure to make you smile and build something epic. For a list of all mods in my pack go to Ryong Modpack and look under the About tab. I'm look forward to hear what you think about it and some suggestions on how to make it better Thank much and see you soon!!!
  13. i think you need to add the content packs with the flans mod. they are a seperate download. make a folder, name it Flan, add the packs. then zip it with your bin, mods, and config
  14. im looking for testers and players for my first modpack on technic called Ryong Modpack. it is a civilization building modpack with mods like chisel, carpenters blocks, mr creyfish furniture, decocraft and custom NPCs, it also includes flans mod with added packs, cars and drives, clay warriors and some fun stuff like animalsplus and magic clovers. extra utilities, railcraft and ender IO are the more techy mods. the only mod i couldnt get to work is microblocks. im also looking any suggestions. it seems stable when i up loaded the last update but sometimes it crashes and im still very new at reading and understanding crash reports. if you would like to help me out it would be greatly appreciated. if you are looking for a big building modpack please check out mine and see if its to your liking. Also is there a place to post a crash report if im stuck and need help? let me know. thanks much!!
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