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  1. Greetings, I have put together a custom pack as follows: pack folder / - config / - mods / - modpack.jar The modpack.jar is the latest Forge 1.6.2 universal JAR filed renamed accordingly. After uploading this ZIP file and pointing the launcher to it, it seems to download everything okay but when it goes to launch Minecraft it just launches it vanilla style (Forge doesn't load). One of the big differences I noted from my existing installation and the Technic version is the version file looks rather different. Does the Technic Launcher know which appropriate version.json to download for Forge? Any suggestions are much appreciated. Cheers.
  2. My conclusion is based off of several personal conversations with slowpoke regarding various things including modding, permissions, and custom servers. His logic was so beyond flawed I could only assume he was either mentally impaired or simply not mature enough to know any better. At one point I had compiled a rather extensive list of evidence of why software licenses exist, why they are necessary, and why people distributing software should abide by them. He responded with a completely immature and childish temper tantrum and essentially told me to fuck off (this was in regards to his absurd rule of requiring written permission on licensed software). The recent rumors I've heard of FTB trying to move to a business model has me rather interested because with slowpoke at the lead it really has no hope of going anywhere.
  3. I wouldn't get all worked up over FTB. I've had plenty of completely retarded interactions with Slowpoke before. The kid wouldn't know how to read a software license if you slapped him over the head with it. I'm sure he's some 13-year-old wanker who's had way too much power go to his head, because that's exactly what he acts like every time I have the misfortune of reading his posts. I've already thrown this mod into my FTB pack, and I'm sure other people will too.
  4. Well I was messing around with them and couldn't figure out how they work. 1) Do they work with template carriages? 2) How do they know which one to link to? 3) How do you activate them? 4) Will it let you know at all if it's having trouble teleporting? Alright, so I got it to work with the standard carriage frames. I'm guessing template frames are simply not supported?
  5. For interesting parties here's a not-so-great-looking-but-functional CC program for moving a certain direction a certain number of times. Since the computer restarts after every transit it was a little tricky to get it down. It's actually two programs (the program and a startup program). Here's the source: move: local args = {...} if #args < 2 then print("----------") print("Usage: move [perhipheral side] [direction] [count]") print("----------\n") return end side = args[1] dir = args[2] times = args[3] dirtonum = {down = 0, up = 1, north = 2, south = 3, west = 4, east = 5} if peripheral.isPresent(side) == false then print("The carriage motor is missing on the " .. side .. " side.") return end if times ~= nil then paramsf = fs.open("moveparams", "w") paramsf.writeLine(times) paramsf.writeLine(side .. " " .. dir) paramsf.close() drive = peripheral.wrap(side) drive.move(dirtonum[dir], false, false) return else paramsf = fs.open("moveparams", "r") if paramsf == nil then print("You must supply a count!") return end count = paramsf.readLine() args = paramsf.readLine() paramsf.close() drive = peripheral.wrap(side) drive.move(dirtonum[dir], false, false) return end startup: paramsf = fs.open("moveparams", "r") if paramsf == nil then return end sleep(1) count = paramsf.readLine() args = paramsf.readLine() paramsf.close() newcount = count - 1 if newcount == 0 then shell.run("rm moveparams") print("Move complete") return end paramsf = fs.open("moveparams", "w") paramsf.writeLine(newcount) paramsf.writeLine(args) paramsf.close() shell.run("move " .. args) Parameters: move [side motor is on] [direction to go] [# of spaces to move] Example: move right north 3
  6. Just downloaded and installed the 1.6.2 version. First build was a tunnel bore with ME gadgets and it's working perfectly. Great mod, keep up the good work!
  7. Re: [Tekkit 3.0.3 - V3 R1] WorldGuard Support -- [RELEASED] No problem, I was just curious if this was an intentional design or not. Also, it doesn't block accessing a charging table. Not sure if that was intentional or not either, but it could lead to other players stealing energy from people via charging tables.
  8. Re: [Tekkit 3.0.3 - V3 R1] WorldGuard Support -- [RELEASED] So in other words I am no longer able to protect a region without also preventing machine usage? I feel like WorldGuard was not designed this way as there's a flag (use) dedicated to limiting or not limiting this functionality. The only reason I bring this up is because my world has a public area where beginners can use some basic IC2 machines to help get them started. This no longer works because now they can't access the machines unless I give them access which would just of course lead to griefing.
  9. Re: [Tekkit 3.0.3 - V3 R1] WorldGuard Support -- [RELEASED] So, this may be a dumb question, but how do I allow users to be able to use machines and what not in a region without making them a member/owner and thus giving them build/destroy rights? Is there a flag I need to set?
  10. Yes, this was all a result of me scrolling around in TMI and going &quot;Oh what's that&quot; and not doing more research I've figured it all out now, and learned my lesson. Cheers.
  11. Greetings, Running the latest Tekkit version (3.0.3) and I'm having issues placing ANY of the blocks from Wireless Redstone CB edition. For instance, attempting to place the transreceiver, receiver dish, etc. does not have any effect. I can use the items, like the wireless remote, however attempting to place any blocks does not work. Anyone else with this issue?
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