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    • Every time you change your modpack archive you need to change the version number in the pack settings page. The Launcher is only notified that a new version is available when this number is incremented/changed.
    • You have removed the version numbers from the file names of every mod in your pack. Why have you done this. It makes it basically impossible to support you and keeping the pack up to date (or just updating it) would be a nightmare.

    I'm not even going to try running the pack in my test environment. You are going to need to re-download all the mods in your pack and leave the filenames/version numbers intact. Once you have done that, if you are still having problems feel free to come back here.

    Okay I completely re did it and i'm still having issues. Mod pack name Helvetia Craft  Technic Download http://api.technicpack.net/modpack/helvetia-craft ZIP download https://copy.com/HSPd4j8nBLBroLFN?download=1 

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