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    TerdyTheTerd got a reaction from JaariAtmc in modpack runs vanilla when started up   
    and I¬†take over for you when you aren't around ūü§£
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    TerdyTheTerd reacted to JaariAtmc in modpack runs vanilla when started up   
    They used the installer instead of the universal forge. They likely saw one of my posts, since I've been telling this same thing OVER AND OVER AGAIN.
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    TerdyTheTerd got a reaction from MichelTheMaster in Technick launcher starts normal minecraft instead of forge   
    Whoops I may have been looking at a different post, I thought this was placed under Bug Reports -> Launcher Issues. Platform pagoda is the correct spot, or allowed spot I should say.
    You are using the latest forge, so try renaming the installer instead of the universal.
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    TerdyTheTerd got a reaction from RaytedG in Rayted   
    It's very normal for java process to show more memory usage than what might have been specified solely as the -Xmx (what you set in the launcher). This is due to various things, which you can read more about here. Your case does not seem too off, I just did a test on my pack and windows was showing about a ~60-70% increase over what Minecraft was reporting (depending on the min-max usage before/after GC). 
    Knowing that the 1.12.2 pack is fairly heavy to run, it doesn't really surprise me that windows is showing ~100% increase. Try running another pack and see what it does.
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    TerdyTheTerd reacted to JaariAtmc in Black Screen With Audio   
    See if disabling the Stencil Buffer helps. You can find this under Launcher Options > Video Settings.
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    TerdyTheTerd reacted to Pulz in [classic pack] Chat history crashes connection to server   
    The user contacted me via Discord and I helped them resolve the issue, leaving the fix here:

    The Classic Pack uses 'tabbychat' a litemod that enhances the default chat system. One of the default options includes chat history, which saves per-server/world so that players can quickly check what their friends said in private DMs. In this particular case, the user did indeed spam their chat with.. a lot of messages via the MineTweaker verbose.
    The fix is to go into the root liteconfig/common/TabbyChat2/ folder and delete the singleplayer or multiplayer world.
    Also worth highlighting that @Kuramai should avoid outputting to the client with MineTweaker and instead use the commands that output to the CraftTweaker log. Using a program such as SnakeTail really helps with this as it automatically reloads when it gets new information.
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    TerdyTheTerd got a reaction from Dromoka in My Modpack launches Vanilla   
    You can try opening the file with winrar, otherwise you can try manually re-creating it (there are plenty of guides on this).
    Providing the log would be easiest, to get to the log file you can open "Launcher Options" then "Open Logs". Find the most recent log, open it, copy the content and use something like pastebin.com or hastebin.com to paste the contents into, then link that here (this is so nobody has to download a file, which is a potential security threat).
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    TerdyTheTerd got a reaction from Dromoka in My Modpack launches Vanilla   
    Very rarely files can become corrupt when copy/pasting. Did you verify that the modpack.jar is still valid? Otherwise please provide the Technic log file after attempting to launch the modpack. 
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    TerdyTheTerd got a reaction from IcarusUK in Modpack not working   
    Installs and launches just fine for me, perhaps you had a previous install that maybe isn't getting overridden? Try deleting anything in the technic folder for that pack and reinstalling?
    On a side note, usually the resources used for the CustomMainMenu mod go into the resources folder, you have yours in the config folder. This resulted in missing textures for me. I also connected to the supplied server just fine (MyWaifuHideyoshi, if you check the logs)
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    TerdyTheTerd got a reaction from JustCrazyT in Random chrash   
    If the game runs correctly then I need the "fml-server-latest.log" from the server folder. Also do you crash when you join, after you join or just at random intervals? 
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    TerdyTheTerd got a reaction from Titanium_Burst in Help! can't load any modpacks, including vanilla!   
    I think this is a windows 10 issue with graphics drivers, check this out here and try updating your drivers
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    TerdyTheTerd reacted to HalestormXV in [1.7.10] Really Annoying Crash - Can't Figure it Out   
    I also tested this on KCauldron-1.7.10-1492.155. Same issues and I checked out the client log and only found the semi-same message.
    Here is the client log: http://pastebin.com/gcAPdqw8
    You can see the issue popped up right at the bottom after I died. I also thought it could be a plugin however the plugins didn't change. The issue just started happening. I actually removed a bunch of plugins no longer in use and the issue still exists. I also assume it has something to do with Mods as opposed to plugins. However as they say when trying to solve a problem leave no stone un-turned. Here is a list of all the plugins in use. 
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    TerdyTheTerd got a reaction from Crossfire0mega in Help With custom modpack   
    Need more info, I reinstalled the modpack and it loaded up just fine, try doing a fresh install
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    TerdyTheTerd got a reaction from Scaper12123 in Need recommendations for a building modpack   
    Well there are a TON of modpacks with these mods you are looking, try looking at UMS, RR3, The 1.7.10 Pack, TPPI or any other big modpack, or there are lots of lesser known packs with these mods but they are generally less stable and have smaller communities with less or zero servers. You could always check out my pack but I recommend you stick to the bigger ones out there.
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    TerdyTheTerd got a reaction from Strovo in [1.7.10] Apocalyptic Gaming Network: APOC Tech & RPG Modpack & Server - All of technic in one pack! (240 mods) | Dedicated Server | Economy/Shops/Plots/Rewards/Keys | PVP & PVE Worlds (3 Overworlds, 100+ Modded Worlds) | 10+ Custom Plugins!   
    @PavilonDev this is what im talking about, you posted literally the same sentence in all 5 APOC server post within 3 minutes, are they legit reviews of the server or are you just an alt account/getting paid with rewards for posting that because there have been like 6 other people who have done the same exact thing
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    TerdyTheTerd got a reaction from The Jerk in Help With My Modpack   
    There are several problems with your pack, the minions.zip needs to have the mod extracted from it, you have a flans content pack on the mods folder and you dont even have flans, you are using an unstable beta version of ICBM, your smart moving mod is in a zip archive for some reason. You need to make sure all your mods are present, updated and compatible(it also seemed that the deconstruction table mod was crashing the game on world load)
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    TerdyTheTerd got a reaction from mytoecold in Could anybody Create a Modpack for me?   
    @mytoecold Working pack link somewhere in my post, sorry it might be a little hard to follow, did this right before I went to bed.
    Shaders Mod Core doesn't work with forge past 1448, aslo note that you wanted TMI and WAWLA, but in order to run WAWLA you need WAILA, which in turn requires NEI, and NEI and TMI are incompatible, so I removed TMI. Also I recomend adding FastCraft, it helps more than optifine does, but it also doesn't help as much when shaders mod core is installed(its culling effects are turned off, where all the extra fps comes from). I have opted out of optifine for FastCraft and included a few Shaderpacks already in the pack as well a a very poorly made logo while its loading. If you want the files install this test pack found here or you can download the archive and do it manually here, it hasn't been greatly tested, I just confirmed that all the mods initialized and that creating worlds worked. Making modpacks can be tricky at times when you try to add all the mods all at once. You will have to do a vast amount of config editing to get the mods to behave how you want them to.
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