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    Kakarot2368 reacted to kyllingman2 in ♕♕♕ LEGENDARY EMPIRE ♕♕♕ JOIN TODAY! ✔︎WHITELIST ✔︎120 SLOTS ✔︎NO PVP ✔︎NO GRIEF ✔︎NO LAG ✔︎24/7 ✔︎32GB RAM   
    IP: tppi.legendaryempire.net
    Legendary Empire is a professional TPPI server hosted on the best hardware available. For more information please visit our website.
    No PvP | Grief-Protection | No Lag | 24/7 | Professional staff
    The server is currently in beta, this means you will have to apply to join, this is just temporarily, we have no ETA for a final release but it will be sometime soon. The map will NOT reset when the final release happens.
    To join the server you must fill in a SIMPLE whitelist application in a comment, it will take no longer than 5 minutes and most users get whitelisted within 24 hours.
    Please fill out this form as a comment:
    In-game name: Why would you like to join the server:  
    Legendary Empire is a great server to play TPPI on! We provide fun and fair gameplay with great quality! Before new features are added we make sure they function properly to make the gameplay as smooth as possible. We also utilize some of the best hardware available, 32 GB DDR3 Memory, Intel Xeon E3, 1245V3, Raid 1 SSDs for best security and more! We welcome you to join today for an awesome experience, just fill out the whitelist application above and you'll be ready to join within 24 hours!
    Post a comment containing this:
    In-game name: What you like about the server: What you do not like about the server: Within 24 hours you will get these perks:
    - 3 protections
    - Join the Member chat channel
    - Create shops!
    - Set 2 homes!
    - Member kit!
    - 1000$ free in-game money! (claim by /ClaimMember)
    - Low lag
    - Survival
    - No PvP
    - No greifing
    - Free protection for everyone
    - Moderator requests
    - Great voting rewards
    - 24/7 uptime
    - Multi-world with portal to otherwise dimensions which are hard to get to (great for newer players!)
    - Professional staff with a lot of experience on how to handle players as individuals
    Do not grief - No matter if the build is protected or not, griefing is not tolerated under ANY circumstances. Do not steal - No matter if the container is protected or not, stealing is not tolerated under ANY circumstances. Do not spam, use all caps or annoy people in the chat. Keep it clean, nobody likes a chat full of spam and caps! Do not advertise for other servers - Do this somewhere else, not on our server! Have respect and be friendly towards everybody. Being respectful is important. Do not exploit bugs to get an advantage - Report bugs, not reporting but being aware of one is a bannable offense! Have fun! The gameplay is supposed to be fun!  
    - PreciousStones (protection)
    - CoreProtect (protection)
    - HeroChat (chat)
    - PermissionsEx (permissions)
    - ChestShop ( Shops )
    - Skript ( Custom commands )
    - BanItem ( To ban items )
    - Lockette ( To lock containers outside protections )