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  1. IGN:xPhantomLord

    Skype/Email/Anyway to contact you:[email protected]

    Age (Optional, if you can, please do):17-18

    Maturity Level (1-10 and why):8 cuz i dont feel fully grown lol

    Why do you want to join:i used to play aotbt about a year ago and the server i used to play is down im looking for a new server to play with my friends(ill invite a couple of friends if you dont mind) 

    Tell me about you:im a highschool cenior i live in greece and my interests are gaming and pot

    Time Zone:gmt +3

    How active are you:minimum 2 h evry day

    Ect/P.S./Info:if i get accepted can u pls whitelist my friends : FreeDominion , MrParalyzer they will both be active and they got a great sence of humor

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