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  1. The modpack has been renamed to Steve's Advenure Craft Latest news can be found in the official forums! ~ FlatronEZ
  2. Increased player cap to 40! We are still the top of the trending page and many people want to play together!
  3. The server is included in the pack (IP: adventurecraft.unitedworldminers.com)
  4. Let us know what you want for the next update! We are open for your ideas. You can either comment them here or send us a support ticket with your ideas.
  5. Next big update coming in February 2016. Adding Pam's Harvestcraft, PlayerAPI (fixes DeepDark portals), various mod updates, more plugins and events, improved MobArena, access to multiplayer tab from main menu, reworked main menu. Stay tuned!
  6. We got our new admin shop opened up today! In the next days we will add player shops (you can rent or buy them), a improved spawn, parties, referral mod (self coded! so refer your friends to get on our server and both will get a great reward / unobtainable item) as well as vote rewards! If you like you can vote for our server here. Let us know what you'd like to have on the server?
  7. Next update will include BiblioCraft, custom player shops, reworked economy, PVP Arena (Mob arena (?)) and more! Let us know what you are missing on the server.
  8. Our server is looking for new players Our Modpack is centered around tech and the beloved Millenaire mod. Join and establish your own city, create large tech setups and trade with other players! This pack comes preinstalled with the official server (IP: millenaire.unitedworldminers.com) Official Website Vote for our server The full mod-list can be found here. Highlights are: BuildCraft 7 Millenaire IndustrialCraft 2 EnderIO ThermalExpansion GalactiCraft All Unitedworldminers servers are hosted on dedicated hardware with 64 GB of RAM and Intel Core i7 CPU @ 3.8 GHz with 1 GBit/s bandwidth, located in Germany Our community is open for every suggestion and is providing every active player with the ability to rank up. Some impressions:
  9. We do our best to avoid such things! Please keep in mind you can disable PVP with the /pvp command so people should not be able to kill you. Our server is a PvE server in general but we gave players the choice to do PVP because many asked for it. Best regards, FlatronEZ
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