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    Silicrylic got a reaction from BuggaNoia in How to Make a Tekkit Legends Server with Plugins   
    Hey guys. So I've noticed that there are many pages on how to make a Tekkit Legends Server, but there isn't a page on how to add plugins to your server. I'm sure many of you out there want to make a Tekkit Server with plugins so you can protect your claims, have more commands, and most importantly, be able to teleport to your friends without them have op. Follow this step by step tutorial on how to make a Tekkit Legends Server with Plugins!   
    This tutorial will not be teaching you how to Port forward your Minecraft ports!
    1. So the first thing you want to do is head over to the Tekkit Legends Modpack page and download the original Tekkit Legends server
    Link: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/tekkit-legends.735902  
    2. When you download the server make sure you have WinRAR or 7zip so that you can view and extract the files
    Make sure you extract all the contents of the zipped file into a folder. You can have this folder anywhere you want. I normally keep my Tekkit Legends Server folder on my desktop.  
    3. Once you have extracted all the files into a folder. Next, you want right click the Windows Batch File "start" and select "edit" or if you have Notepad++ select "Edit with Notepad++"
    When you edit it this will show up: java -Xmx2G -Xms1G -XX:MaxPermSize=128m -jar "TekkitLegends.jar" nogui
    Make sure that you allocate the correct RAM. Change the "-Xmx2G -Xms1G" to "-Xmx3G -Xms2G" or whatever you prefer. If you are just running a small server of five or less people I recommend just leaving it. Also do not allocate too much RAM otherwise your computer will start to slow down if you are running other things. Also, consider how much RAM your computer actually has so you don't overwork your computer. If you use the Shell Script you can do the same thing. Just locate "-Xmx2G -Xms1G" and change the number of Gigs Once you are done with that you can save and close the file  
    4. Now we have to download Cauldron
    Link: https://sourceforge.net/projects/cauldron-unofficial/files/1.7.10/ If that link doesn't work, I don't have another one. I will try and update links asap. Try and look up "Cauldron download" Download the last version of Cauldron for the best performance, but make sure it is the same version as your Tekkit Legends Server. If your Tekkit Legends Server is 1.7.10 then download the latest 1.7.10 Cauldron .zip file.  
    5. Now again, You will need to Extract the .zip file once it finished downloading
    Open up the zip file and extract all the contents into your same Tekkit Legends Server Folder It will ask you if you want to Replace the files. Click "Replace the files in the destination"  
    6. Next what you want to do is delete the "TekkitLegends.jar" You can also rename it to "TekkitLegends-originial.jar" if you want to keep it and use it for a vanilla server.
    7. Next you will need to rename your "KCauldron-*version*-server.jar" you just downloaded to "TekkitLegends.jar"
    8. Now you can double click the "start" Windows Batch File or the Shell Script (The one you edited for your RAM) and the Server will start!
    This will generate all the files including the "plugins" folder  
    9. Once the server is done loading you can type in "stop" and it will stop the server
    10. Now if you want to add plugins. You have to open up the "plugin" folder and add any type of plugin(s) you want
    Make sure they are the correct version for your server. If they aren't sometimes they wont run. They might even crash your server.  
    11. Once you have added all your plugins you can start your server again. Have fun!
    Some Plugins I recommend:
    Group Manager or PermissionsEX
    World Edit
    World Guard
    LWC or Lockette
    I hope you enjoy your server! If you have any questions just ask. I will try to help with all questions!
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