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  1. Looking for a small group of people to play with! I do not have a server so I am looking to hopefully join one if there is an opening. Age - 23 Skype - IllegallyALlama IGN - LegallyALlama Preferred Name/Nickname - Llama Why? - It's no fun playing by yourself. I want to join a small community to create our own town, village, city, or whatever else! I love creative competition and the occasional fun pranks that become available between small close groups Time Zone - Eastern USA Activity - At least 6 days a week for roughly 4 hours each day Mods - I'd like all to be available, but then again it's not my server so I can't be picky Misc - I do not record. If this is to ever change I will ask before recording. I do not have a problem with being recorded (for your YouTube or whatever else, just let me know ).
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