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  1. You were banned for both giving free items to Soviet_Bear120 and 2002steve and using the transmutation tablet dupe. Yes, I know how a tablet works..... and neither of them did any services for you and no payments were exchanged. Also, using the correct website may be of some use to you ( http://www.toastynetworks.net/ ).

    All Ban appeals are to be made on the ban appeal section in the forums http://toastynetworks.net/forum/forums/ban-appeal.14/ .

    Alright. 1. I wasnt aware of that website, 2. I am not aware of any transmutation tablet dupe. 3. 2002steve is a part of my group, i was in a skype call with him and some others, he works for my company RTPI, and he was basically going to get us as much stuff as he could 4. What did i give to soviet? Other than me placing some pipes to show him how? 5. I feel that players should get a chance to explain themselves before a ban, or at least provided a website where they can go.

  2. UNBAN REQUEST: Alright i was giving items to 2002steve, but they DEFINITELY werre NOT free. 1. We work under the same company. 2. The tools were in exchange for work, future blocks, and destruction. 3. The tools were to ALLOW him to perform the work. I have ASKED before just to make sure, and staff has said that you are allowed to give supplies to people you are working with, and we are working with steve.