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  1. So much new things... I cant get over it.

  2. Maybe cut the chunk with it on it? (That may take a while)
  3. Anyone else have this problem? http://i.imgur.com/Pg89G.png?1?1273 Its from the .bat file...
  4. Tried, it goes all slow and the messages come up. I'm currently just going to format it. As soon as I find a way to do it without a format-disk that will re-install windows 7. Wish me luck on my endless crappy journey to completely flattening my computer to hard bread .
  5. Ah, CISPA. Thanks for putting the internet into more and more 60-year-old virgins working at the government and never laid there hands on a keybored in there life. The internet is great!
  6. Please, can someone help me with my problem? Seriously, whats a yottab- Never mind. We have google. Just answer the first question; How do I fix my computer?
  7. *sigh* Its a tipo! Read the other posts :derp:
  8. Hey! Black is racist. African american >:(
  9. Apparently it didn't so I sent a three paragraph full error report on my error. Cant wait. EDIT: I sent the report to my computer company (Acer). :|
  10. Found the problem. I downloaded microsoft .net framework 2.0. Works like a charm
  11. Oh my. That's sounds pretty scary any way to fix it?
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