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  1. Jump into a world where dinosaurs are still existent and technology is advanced more than you could ever imagine. Jump into a world where the only limit is your imagination! Join us on this adventure through the thickest of jungles and over the highest of mountains. We will survive! Jump into a world where you can ride your dinosaurs into battle and fight side by side until death! Jump into a world where your items are safe from raiders and trolls while still having the fun PvP aspect alive! FossilTech is a Dinosaur Tech pack made in 2014. We have ran multiple servers in the past before landing in the powerful dedicated server we run today. We ensure that we offer the best PvE experience on our servers to keep your items and dinosaurs safe from griefing and raiding. We have multiple locations that you can PvP other players to see how your gear will stand against some of the most powerful people on the server! You can vote for daily rewards as well as receiving extra bonuses. Our chat rules insure that the server is friendly for all ages to play without there being the issue of inappropriate language and slurs being used in front of our younger audience. So come and check us out! Download our modpack and the server is there waiting for you! You can also join our website and teamspeak server here: RoboJackPlays: FossilTech Manager