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  1. Really? People should know that mods are working if they're published by a good mod creator, if it doesn't then that means the person installing the mod did something wrong, not the creator... I feel sorry for Reika that he has to put up with that shit XD
  2. Nah, I explained very detailed what happened and what I already tried XD he was very nice in helping, I'm glad he took the time to help XD since I've heard he's always quite busy
  3. I can safely say that it is finally fixed! Reika messaged me and said I needed to update Forestry AND IT'S ADDONS! That was the problem, so now the game launches as it should, but doesn't really work due not enough RAM, but I can fix that by upgrading the OS (I have 8GB of RAM, but only 3.50GB is available due the 32 bit OS) Thanks for the help
  4. I know, it takes a shit ton of resources, that's why I wanted to move to 1.7.10 because it has ProjectE which has a duplicator you can build pretty cheap, and although Tekkit Legends is very unstable for some reason, I like the upgrade
  5. Welp, I updated Forestry to version 4, but the problem still occurs, however! 1 out of the 2 now work, DragonAPI. So what I'm going to do is contact the mod creator to see if he knows how to fix it. Otherwise I don't know any other option, I really wanted to play them though since you can buy a plasma fusion reactor and that mixed with IC2 and BuildCraft would be really cool. Oh well... Thanks for the help
  6. Does it work normally in tekkit for like MC 1.6.4?
  7. Yes, it happens on the mojang screen, and here is the log http://paste.ubuntu.com/23059862/ EDIT: It seems to have generated a crash report this time, may be useful: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23059872/ EDIT 2: I threw in 1.6.4 versions of the mods and I didn't get errors of missing files but instead I got the same problem, meaning that even with older versions of the mod, it keeps crashing
  8. Unfortunately, this did not work, the same thing keeps occuring, any other ideas? When I installed this on the regular tekkit for 1.6.4, it worked perfectly, so I'm sure it has to do with forge... EDIT: I deleted the mods but kept forge in, it didn't crash this time (although matmos did get an error, but that's a minor thing) so it seems the problem does lay in one of these mods, problem is, I need all 3 of them otherwise it won't work
  9. http://paste.ubuntu.com/23059625/ Here you go, I did reinstall the pack though (which works fine without me dicking around with it) so I hope it's up to date
  10. Hello there, I got a tiny problem, I added 3 mods; Reactorcraft, DragonAPI and Rotarycraft. All for MC 1.7.10, now I had the message I had to have an updated version of forge ( So what I did was download the Universal version of that version of forge, I put it in the bin folder of Minecraft Legends and then renamed that modpack and deleted the old modpack file, since I've seen that that is what you need to name forge if making your own modpack, but now I have the problem that it starts up until the mojang screen and then the client closes and goes back to the launcher without an error. Does anyone know why this happens? I'm assuming it's because of the forge I put in, however, if that's the case, how do I update forge?