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  1. I download the launcher for windows 10 from the website and it brings up the pop up box in the bottom left. I wait for it to finish and I click on it. It doesn’t do anything, it is suppose to bring up a set up wizard, but it doesn’t. I tried reinstalling it many times and it doesn’t work. The TechnicLauncher.exe appears in my downloads and when I open it it does nothing, this all started after I restarted my PC and tried opening the launcher (it was working before) and as you know, if you span any app when it doesn’t work it won’t open and will do the thing where you click on it, and the blue circle will appear for a split second then disappear. And I tried to open it and accidentally extracted some files from it with winrar so I deleted all technic files and redownloaded the launcher and it didn’t work and is not installing. I have deleted all the technic files and redownloaded please help.

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