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  1. Welcome to TekkFluff!!! Some Rules ABSOLUTELY NO ILLEGAL ITEM DUPING No lag machines or purposefully causing lag No griefing spawn or other people's bases No raiding of people's stuff. IT IS RUDE!!! No verbal harassment of others No asking for staff, op, or items (doi) If you are not a member, join the discord! Where Can I Find the Server IP? While the server is open to anyone who wishes to join, we wish to ward off wary people, so please join our discord where you can find our server ip and more people who are like minded and want to enjoy the tekkit experience as well. Why did I Create TekkFluff? TekkFluff was created mainly for the nostalgic experience of playing Tekkit Classic once more. This modpack was the first one I have ever played and I used to play on a server before it got shut down and I got quite far in that game play. I only got to play Tekkit Classic off and on with an old friend of mine, and decided that every Tekkit Classic server now a days has banned items, or restrictions in place which took away from the experience. So I created this server to play with others, the way I used to play it many moons ago and share the nostalgia with others. What Sets This Server Apart From Some of the Other Servers? Well for one, we do NOT remove, ban, or restrict ANY mods from the Tekkit Classic experience. What does this mean? This means that if you are willing to join our community, you are committing to the standards of personal play and are coming on to our server to enjoy the full experience of Tekkit with other players. NO HORSE PLAYING We also only have essentials, grief prevention, world edit, and group manager. Only the staff have access to the main plugins, but all players are welcome to use grief prevention and the basic functions of essentials for /tpa /home and /spawn. There is no economy plugin as anyone can get anything with ease. Server Uptimes We strive for 24/7 uptimes. If in cases of crashes, server ping issues, or needing to update plugins (all of which are quite rare on occurrence) we will restart the server, but there will never be a time where the server goes down for longer than a couple of minutes. Our Current Community Right now, our community is rather small. Some of us live close to spawn, while others are spread out. All of us are really friendly, and some of us are really old. We are a mature community and are willing to help out one another. While there is not much at spawn yet, everyone has an optimistic mindset and is ready to conquer anything. The max number of players we have had on at once was around 4, and each player has their own active time. Some of us are more active than others, but since the server is up 24/7 we can get on and play whenever. How do I Become a Member? You may notice that once you join, you are not able to do anything, that is because of our "greylist". Simply apply to become a member of our community, log your ign, and one of the staff members will promote you to a member when you are ready. This way we know that the people we are accepting are not simple griefers of any kind. Some Screenshots of the Server Unfortunately, this website does not allow for high quality uploads, so I was not able to post my screenshots here, but once you join the discord, you can see all of the screenshots from not only me, but other players as well. Come join us today! Discord Link