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    coffeenebula reacted to JAO in Tekkit Server question   
    THis is some good info here, thx
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    coffeenebula reacted to DarkAssassinLink in Retro gaming   
    Its a cross between the NES or the Sega Saturn for me man. Been collecting Nintendo consoles since I've been getting them for my Birthday, so I got every gen including the Gameboy Color, SP, Gamecube, and N64.
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    coffeenebula reacted to minecraftmaria in Is anybody else excited about...   
    Caves and Cliffs?


    Do you think it's as big of a deal as they're asking?
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    coffeenebula reacted to Mr_D in Minecraft Account Migrations & New Accounts   
    Last Sunday they said they were nearly finished so I assume in the next few weeks it’ll be done. Either way even if its 2-3 weeks away im excited to finally be able to use Technic again.
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