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  1. Respond. So why exactly can you not create an account? No one knows, because you haven't told anyone the problem.
  2. I wanna be a godess, they get powers but they're also prettier and tend to get better jobs. I mean, god of thunder and shapeshifting to seduce women? Pshaw, I'd rather be god of the hunt and not having to be married to a man.
  3. This is just like the pictures of bane and batman hugging.
  4. Similarities in mod list? Well yeah. Practically non-existent. I'm talking about the similarities in the gameplay.
  5. Hexxit is actually a lot like RPG Immersion, only done a whole lot better.
  6. UHS is quite different from Hexxit.
  7. I've got a doctorate. Beat that.
  8. I find it amusing that a few months ago I said RP2 is irreplaceable. Now, with MFR back and things like Redstone in Motion even if it was in a modpack I was playing I doubt I would use it. Really all it has going for it right now is how 'vannila' it is. You could literally just slot redpower into vanilla minecraft and you wouldn't have to change textures, mechanics or anything. Not that that would ever happen of course.
  9. a) What do you mean by this? b)Do you have a paid minecraft account? c)What is the %appdata% trick?
  10. I was just in one of those places full of 'walkers'. I had invisibility, and all was going well into an archer spotted me and knocked me off the wall, straight into the hall place. They all saw me.
  11. Oh my god elephants!!!! Look at that volcano! holyshitthisiscool
  12. The best thing about this is the amount of mods I've never heard I will now play. 'Technic doesn't give the modders recognition" my ass.
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