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  1. Everybody wanna be God.

    I wanna be a godess, they get powers but they're also prettier and tend to get better jobs.

    I mean, god of thunder and shapeshifting to seduce women? Pshaw, I'd rather be god of the hunt and not having to be married to a man.

  2. Um nope sorry you don't get out of modding my stream that easily. Nice try mister.

    Zomg, you guys found me lurking. I am sure that has nothing to do with me using my main account to fraternize. Even worse I met some of you guys and you weren't tentacled monsters with fangs. (I'm disappointed about the fangs)

    Slow may be a bit stubborn at times but when it comes to the forums he leaves it to us Global mods. And currently our Global Mods have more ties to Technic then FTB. So obviously we don't hold that against them. The only thing we thwap you for is breaking rules, and obvious trolling/flamebaiting. Reasonable discussions are always welcome.

    Oh and I was never here cause ya know we hate each other and all that. Pitchforks and torches at dawn?

    This is just like the pictures of bane and batman hugging.

  3. Their not really comparable..

    RPG Immersion contains 7 mods. It's all about Divine RPG.

    Hexxit has no link to that.

    Similarities in mod list? Well yeah. Practically non-existent.

    I'm talking about the similarities in the gameplay.

  4. UHC is not an attempt at copying Hexxit and it's not FTB's first non tech mod either. RPG Immersion has been around for months and is completely adventure oriented.

    Hexxit is actually a lot like RPG Immersion, only done a whole lot better.

  5. I find it amusing that a few months ago I said RP2 is irreplaceable. Now, with MFR back and things like Redstone in Motion even if it was in a modpack I was playing I doubt I would use it.

    Really all it has going for it right now is how 'vannila' it is. You could literally just slot redpower into vanilla minecraft and you wouldn't have to change textures, mechanics or anything. Not that that would ever happen of course.

  6. We're not going to Hogwarts. It's gonna be a modpack that is going to renew hack/mine. It also has the battle towers mod in it. The little story for it explains everything, if you understand it that is...

    Well you mr.ladidida knows this how? Your guess is as good as any frankly.

    Unless you're girl, who is apparently cheapshot.

    It could just as easily be a yogbox style adventure pack.

  7. LOL, I guess pre-release discussions like this are necessary to discuss the impending doom for noobs... Since it's coming out on 10:50 AM - Central Time, Friday ._.

    EDIT: Not to offense or anything. This is just a joke post telling you the time and date for Hexxit's release.

    Lucky things. You're getting it 5 hours earlier than I am.

  8. That would be amazing. Custom spawners, custom enchantments, mounting/attaching entities to one another, all in-game. You could just pause the game and say, Okay, this zombie now has 100 health, resistance 2, and invisibility for 5 minutes, and is riding this cart which is attached to a flying arrow with a velocity of 10 blocks/tick straight up.

    I'd imagine something like the portal gun would allow you to move entities around and mount them on one another. You'd also be able to control all of the data that could possibly be attached to an entity, velocity, damage, rotation isLiving, etc with a pop-up interface. Imagine the ludicrous builds that would happen with this mod.

    Brb going on twitter to pitch this to every modder I know of.

    edit: Darn, twitter has stopped working.

  9. We need a bytemaster/reality hacking mod that gives you in-game access to EVERYTHING, (metadata, nbt tags, etc.).

    BRB, re-learning java.

    Imagine that. You press a 'hack button' that pauses the game. Click on a mob, and a stylish screen comes up allowing you to give it armor, change it's type, give it effects. Click on a block, change it's id. Click on an item, change what it is, enchantment, tags, name.

  10. Bound weapons = summoned weapons.

    Ars magica is about magic.(or, more specifically, about the rpg with an amazing spell system)

    I was talking about someone who could 'hack the game' to his own advantage.

    Not to mention summoning/'bound weapons' are not a new concept that didn't start with ars magica.

  11. an guy who turns bloks into zombie

    A class that allows you to temporarily convert monsters to your side at cost of health. A high level one would be able to declare one monster a familiar, the decision for familiar cannot be reversed(easily) but a familiar can always be summoned and levels with the person.

    Names could be:




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