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  1. Does Ars have any conflicts that need fixed in the configs before using it?

    I build my own modpack since I like playing with a lot of lesser known mods, but you shouldn't run into many id conflicts with the changes made to forge in 1.5. If you start getting errors, please send me a pm.

  2. My personal favorite method of travel is actually Ars Magica's gateways. I like teleportation to require a fair amount of resources so you only set up links between important locations. If you want to install it, just drop the zip file from here into your AppData\Roaming\.technic\<modpack name>\mods folder.

  3. Unfortunately, setting ID dump on load to true in the NEI config and then reading the text file it generates would cause a quantum singularity and destroy all life as we know it. Not sure if it's worth the risk.

    I wish Yogurt Land was still open, because I have a sudden craving for frozen yogurt

  4. IndustrialCraft electricity doesn't work like real life. It is much more simplistic. Basically there are two terms you need to know about.

    The first is energy units per tick (a tick is 1/20th of a second, the shortest delay of a repeater). This is often abbreviated to EU/t. All generators (regular, solar, geothermal, and so on) produce a certain amount of EU/t. For generators is is 10 EU/t, and solar panels produce 1 EU/t. This can be measured with an EU meter by clicking on the wire or machine twice. All IndustrialCraft machines require a certain amount of energy units per operation.

    The second term is energy units per packet (shortened to EU/p). IndustrialCraft generators send energy through the wires in the form of packets. The size of the packet is what really matters though.

    Let's use a generator as an example, it produces 10 EU/t, or rather it sends out one 10 EU sized packet (10 EU/p). Most machines in IndustrialCraft can handle up to 32 EU sized packets (32 EU/p). Now lets say we have four generators hooked up to the same wire. Each produce one 10 EU/p, so they send four 10 EU/p to a machine. The machine does not blow up. The reason for this is that you do not add packet sizes together. They do not form a 40 EU/p, instead the machine receives four 10 EU/p. The trick is, machines and wires can accept an infinite amount of packets, but only a limited SIZE of a single packet.

    Now let's say we want to store our power in a battery box. The batbox can accept 32 EU/p before exploding, just like copper cables. It will also output 32 EU sized packets, so most machines will be able to run directly off a batbox. The problem occurs when we want to use higher tire storage devices. An MFE is considered medium voltage. It can accept, and output 128 EU/p (Batbox is low voltage at 32 EU/p). In order to break up this 128 EU sized packet, we will need to use a transformer. The three dot side of the transformer is the input for the larger sized packet, and the single dot sides are the output of the smaller packets.

    Let's say our 4 generators have been charging up our MFE for a while at 10 EU/t sending out 10 EU/p each tick. Since the MFE can accept up to 128 EU/p it is perfectly happy sucking up the power. Now say we want to send our power to a machine such as a macerator. The macerator can only handle 32 EU/p, so we will need to split our 128 EU/p up. The solution is a low voltage transformer. When our MFE sends 128 EU/p down the line (gold cables can handle 128 EU/p, not copper) it hits the transformer. It is then split up into four 32 EU sized packets. All four of these packets then go to power the macerator.

    The same holds true for high voltage. In that case use high voltage cable instead of gold.

    The final thing you must know is EU loss. Copper cables are not too bad. Each EU/p travling through them looses one EU every 5 blocks. So our 10 EU/p from out generator becomes a 9 EU/p after 5 blocks in a copper cable. Gold is 2 blocks, and high voltage is every block. The solution to this is to use glass fiber. Glass fiber can handle up to 512 EU/p (high voltage) and only loses one EU every 40 blocks.

    The last kind of cable is low voltage. It only loses one EU every 40 blocks, however it can only carry 5 EU/p. This means that a batbox output will burn it up. It's main use is to collect energy from generators that don't produce much by themselves. Solar panels send out 1 EU/p as well as water mills, and wind turbines produce up to 5 EU/p. You don't want these small packets from your power generators to go to waste, so use these low voltage cables to carry EU packets from your solar panels to your batbox, and then use copper to carry 32 EU/p from your batbox to your machines.

    Note: One of the few machines that can accept high voltage is the mass fabricator. The quicker it gets power the better, so hook it up directly to your high voltage line.

    If you need anything else clarified, please post below.

  5. Hmm, it would require a bit of effort, but I have a suggestion with regards to redmatter and antimatter explosives. What my freinds and I decided on the volts server we played for a few weeks, was to disable the crafting of red and antimatter explosives alltogether. The next step was for my freind and I to go around the map constructing ruined/ intact bunkers with the occasional booby trap. In a few of these we placed red and anti-matter explosives.

    The 6 of us had a lot of fun running around trying to find these ultimate doomsday weapons within the lost vaults. See if any of your OPs are interested in helping you and give it a try.

  6. Actually, I have no server files. I'm just a client and never had any reason to set up a server. In fact, I've only been playing Minecraft for a week. I may try downloading the mods one by one and trying to figure out how to install the mod stuff myself. As a n00b, I wish there were a guide to manually installing voltz so I didn't have to stumble through.

    Have you tried playing the latest version in the launcher (1.0.13)? And has your server owner, knowing none of his users can connect, tried to move the map from a 1.1.0 server to a 1.0.13 server?

  7. Hey Pieatopian, here's a tip that will help you out for the rest of your computer using life. When you get an error like

    'java' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.

    Simply copy this error, and paste it into a search engine like Google.

    http://lmgtfy.com/?q='java' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.

    Now simply click the first few links, and try to find a solution that sounds reasonable.

    link 1

    link 2

  8. Hey Ziddim, hopefully I can be of some help. I'm assuming you still have your server files for Volts version 1.1.0. What I would recommend is that you create a custom modpack for your server using your old files, or by downloading the correct version of each mod from the authors (links on the donate page). Simply host your "Volts 1.1.0" modpack, on a site like dropbox, or mediafire and your players should be able to download your pack and play.

    Note: Make sure to use your old config files to ensure the block IDs stay the same, otherwies your current map may be corrupted. Remember ALWAYS make backups.

    (Or just wait till they update from 1.0.13 to 1.1.0)

  9. I can confirm this. It appears that the infinite backlogging problem for RP2 machines is back. Note, this also may cause a memory leak and so you will start to experience more and more lag until you rectify the problem. In the mean time, make sure your inventories can keep up with the number of items you are sending them. If not, incinerate the rest, or upgrade your storage.

    I was able to consistently replicate the problem when pulsing a filter at 0.400 seconds pulling cobble from a barrel to a line of recyclers. It takes a very long time to notice an increase in lag, but it does occur consistently.

    I fixed the problem by replacing my input cobble pipe with a line of Igneous Extruders directly above my recyclers. The extruders produce cobblestone at the same rate the recyclers use it.

  10. and no help, still, ive reinstalled and tried all the things, no luck

    The server im connecting to is the right ver

    A few questions. Is this your personal server, have you connected to it before, can others you know connect to it, does the server return a ping or show up as no connection, can you connect to any other Tekkit Lite servers?

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